How Long Do You Boil Eggs – Exact Time Needed For Boiling An Egg

Do you have complete knowledge about eggs? Are you aware of the right procedure of cooking an egg? Do you know the different methods of boiling eggs? O you have an idea about the benefits that can be fetched from having eggs? Last but not the least, how long do you boil eggs? Read on to know more.

How Long Do You Boil Eggs

Different Methods of Boiling Eggs

Eggs are quite delicious and they can be cooked regularly. People who are in the habit of eating eggs regularly have a healthy and strong body. Eggs can be eaten raw, boiled or fried. They are commonly consumed in the morning and are considered one of the most important ingredients of a healthy breakfast.

Eggs make dishes nutritious and delicious at the same time. however, if you are a beginner into cooking eggs, you might not know how long you need to boil eggs. How long do you boil eggs – this is one question that is asked by the newbies into egg making. Eggs can easily be cooked using different methods. Similarly, there are different methods of boiling eggs and we will have a look at them below.

Boiling Eggs

When you are boiling an egg, there is a kind of physical change that occurs resulting in the hardening of the egg. The time taken to hard boil an egg is completely dependent on the size of the egg. The egg should be given the time to reach room temperature and this time is nearly 12 to 15 minutes. The egg should be placed in a pan filled with water. The water in the pan should come to a boil. This would take 10 minutes. This time can be lessened by covering the pan with a lid. Salt can also be added to the water in the pan. This helps in encouraging the water to boil at a fast pace. When the water starts boiling, the lid should be removed and the egg should be placed in it. Now, this is where the size of the egg matters.

Hard Boiled Eggs

In order to hard boil eggs, medium time for which the eggs should be left in the water is around 11 minutes. The time would be 12 minutes for the larger eggs and 13 minutes for the eggs in jumbo size.

Soft Boiled Eggs

In order to soft boil eggs, the eggs should be left in water for at least five minutes. This goes for the larger eggs. The medium size eggs should be left in water for four minutes and six minutes for the jumbo eggs.

Medium Boiled Eggs

For medium boil eggs, seven minutes is the time to leave a large egg in water while it is six minutes for the medium size eggs. The jumbo eggs should be left for eight minutes in order to get to medium boil.

Other Factors to Consider

There are some important factors that can also affect the time span within which eggs get boiled and they are as follows:

Higher Altitudes

Higher altitudes can have an effect on the way eggs boil. Water boils at a very low temperature at higher altitudes. This is the reason why eggs might require more time to boil in order to get hard boiled. In this situation, the eggs must be allowed to simmer for some time post they have been boiled. Getting hold of the right time span for boiling eggs can be a procedure of trial and error.

Number of Eggs

Another factor that needs to be considered is the number of eggs that you are boiling. If you are boiling many eggs at a time, it might take a bit longer for the eggs to get hard boiled. This is due to the extra water that you have to use for accommodating the large number of eggs. It is therefore important to ensure that these factors are taken into account when boiling eggs. Give the eggs some time to simmer when boiling them in large quantities. This helps in ensuring that the eggs are cooked properly.

Egg Timers

One of the best ways of timing the eggs without going through much hassle is using a good quality egg timer for boiling the eggs. The egg timer is basically a egg-shaped plastic device which is placed in water along with the eggs that need to be boiled. As the eggs boil, the red background of the timer starts disappearing. This background features several markings indicating whether the eggs are soft boiled or hard boiled. Once the eggs are preferably cooked, the time can be removed and placed in cold water.

Approximate Time Needed for Boiling Eggs?

So, how long do you boil eggs? It is important for you to know that the total time required for boiling eggs is approximately between 20 and 30 minutes. Approximately 12 minutes is the time needed for hard boiling eggs post the water starts boiling. Water will start boiling in 10 to 20 minutes depending on saline content, stove temperature and altitude. It takes approximately four minutes for soft boiling an egg.

Know the Egg Boiling Times

Good news for you! There is a hot start method that can be applied when it comes to billing eggs. Go through the table that has been provided below and then move on with experimenting in order to boil your egg the way you want.

  • 4 minutes: Have the egg with a spoon out of the shell soft.
  • 5 minutes: The egg will have a runny yolk and it is will firm white.
  • 6 minutes: The yolk will be gooey and nice and it will just start to set
  • 8 minutes: The egg will have a yolk that is fully set but the yolk will still be golden and gooey.
  • 10 minutes: The yolk will be firmer and pale and it is will a little soft in the middle section.
  • 12 minutes: This will give you a completely hard boiled yolk which will have golden goo in the middle section.
  • 14 minutes: You will have a completely hard boiled yolk that is crumbly, dry and pale.


Once you are able to boil your eggs the way you want, do not forget to shock them in cold water for a comfortable peeling session.

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