Home renovation: Top 5 painting do’s and don’ts!


The easiest way to change your rooms in a simple and budget-friendly way is to repaint the walls. There is more to a good painting job than just whipping out brushes and paint buckets. People frequently forget about the preparation that goes into a quality paint job. If you want a positive outcome, factor in everything before beginning this major project.

Here are five do’s and five things to stay away from before starting a painting project:

Do test the colors beforehand

If you’re embarking on a big painting project that includes multiple rooms, and different colors, the last thing you want to happen is to be unhappy with your chosen color.

It’s a good idea to sample and test colors on walls in various types of lighting to determine whether you’ll be satisfied with the final product. Some bright colors, in particular, may have different undertones under natural or artificial light and at night. 

Testing the paint can also help you determine how many coats you’ll need, which will later help with estimation.

Do paint-proof your house

If you want to prevent spending more time cleaning up after the job is finished, ensure the floors are protected. Cover up all the furniture, and use painter’s tape to cover any hardware. If you can, move the furniture as close to the middle as possible to allow for more space to move around.

Do paint in order

A general rule in painting is to start from top to bottom. Start with the ceiling, any woodwork you have, walls, and doors, and save the floors for the end.

Do use primer

Using a primer is also a good way to spend time and money. A well-prepared surface makes it easier for the color to stick and guarantees a cleaner result. 

Do seek professional help

You can be deceived into thinking a paint job is a very simple task. While you can absolutely DIY it, it’s also highly time-consuming and difficult to do, depending on the size of your home. 

Scheduling professionals with experience will ensure a quality result and will take much less time than if you did it yourself. When hiring a company, do your research and ensure you get the best service. For example, these Calgary painters are experts in their area, and the company offers a free quote prior to entering into a contract.

Don’t forget to get an estimation

Since paint is expensive, you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you purchase far more than you require. On the other hand, if you don’t get enough paint, it would be hard to buy another batch afterward and end up with the same color.

When it comes to estimates based on the measurements of the space, many painting businesses will provide free assistance. You can also search for plenty of tools online that can help.

Don’t mix different types of paint

Read the labels on the paint cans carefully. If you have previously used one type of paint and now changing to another, ensure that the wall is well-prepped before proceeding

Don’t rush things

You will be looking at your walls every day, so make sure you don’t skip out on fixing any imperfections before and during the painting process. Going over the edges will give your paint job a polished, professional look.

Don’t paint over a wallpaper

This should come as a given, but remove the wallpaper before starting. You can use a wet rug to loosen the adhesive or buy a product made for that purpose. Scrape off all the excess, and you’re ready to start.

Don’t use cheap supplies

Even if you’re trying to cut costs on a home renovation, don’t buy cheap supplies. Not only will a bad-quality paint roller be difficult to use, but it will also leave residue and shedding on the wall. You will make the work harder and take more time by trying to fix the mistakes.

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