10 Best Herbs for Weight Loss That Actually Work

When you are trying to lose body fat and weight, the foods you eat play an important role in your weight loss.

Weight-loss supplements and fat burning supplements are both beneficial for losing body fat, but these dietary supplements are often expensive and difficult to find.

Luckily, there are several herbs that can be considered some of the best fat burners out there, and these ten herbs for weight loss mentioned below give you the answer to the question of, “do fat burners work?”.

Here is everything you need to know.

These Herbs for Weight Loss Actually Work:



Perfect for adding just a little touch of the holidays to your food, cinnamon is the ideal spice to help curb your cravings and even balance out your blood sugar. Cinnamon is also great for adding some flavors to your tea or even your plain yogurt. You can also make a marinade for various meats with cinnamon that brings just a different flavor your favorites.


herbs for weight loss

A brightly colored spice with a yellow color, this spice can help your body burn more fat, making it the best fat burner for men and the best fat burner for women alike. Turmeric is also known as the “warming spice” since it helps increase the body’s heat and boost metabolism in the body. Throughout the years, turmeric has been shown to have several other health benefits that make it an ideal space for your cabinet at any time. Just a little turmeric for your foods can help boost your body’s fat burning capabilities. Plus, it is delicious and healthy.


Fresh ginger has many healthy properties that make it such a great option for your diet. It helps balance the blood sugar by preventing spikes in glucose levels. It burns fat since it has the same type of thermogenic properties as cayenne and turmeric. Ginger can be used in various stir-fries or with certain teas. It is also a delicious addition to baked fish.


Dandelions tea

Yes, we’re talking about those pesky weeds in your backyard. Dandelions have been shown to add flavor to certain drinks and meals, and this weed actually has several health benefits like helping you lose weight. Dandelion helps reduce any bloating in the body, and it helps increase the absorption of certain vitamins like A and E. It also helps with the absorption of minerals like potassium and iron, which are necessary for healthy function of the body.

Black Pepper

Black Pepper

Black pepper is a common household option, and believe it or not; it has several fat-burning properties. The spice is supposed to help block the formation of newer fat cells in the body, and it can even help you prevent more weight gain in the future. Black pepper should be added to everything if you don’t already rely on it for taste. If you haven’t you should also try it in sweetened foods like cottage cheese or yogurt, since it gives them a new and exciting flavor.


A common herb, this stinky breath giving herb is actually great for helping you burn off stubborn fat. Garlic has just started the necessary tests to make our list, but when tested in mice, the mice that ate garlic lost more weight in the seven-week period than the mice who did not eat it. Humans have not yet proven the results, but since garlic is already such a common addition to the kitchen, why not add a little more to your food. Plus, garlic has other healthy properties that should convince you to opt for fresh garlic.


Another spice that many people have in their cabinet, this option works to boost the metabolism in the body by boosting the body temperature. Most commonly found in Indian foods, this tastes the best when it is mixed with other spices and herbs like ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and even cloves. You can make your own curry sauce, or make a little chai tea to help boost your metabolism and burn more fat.


Hibiscus for weight loss

A beautiful flower is actually a great option for helping you lose weight. By putting the flower in tea, you can take full benefits of diuretic properties of the flower. It helps control bloat and inhibits the production of amylase that helps reduce the absorption of carbs into the body. Hibiscus tea is also low in calories, and it is a delicious treat as well.

Aloe Vera

Commonly used for burns and sunburn, Aloe Vera is actually an herb that is full of healthy benefits like helping with gut issues. Aloe Vera is full of antioxidants that are beneficial in helping detoxify the body and boost metabolism to help burn fat and lose weight. It also has many vitamins that can aid in the thethe proper function of the body, making it a healthy option for many reasons. Aloe Vera is also great for the hair and skin.



A hot and spicy pepper, this spice is perfect for boosting your metabolism to lose weight. Through its thermogenic properties, this spice stimulates parts of the body to create heat that helps burn fat in the long run. Cayenne has also been shown to dissolve fat tissues and even prevent the intake of more calories from the foot. Some studies have shown cayenne pepper to help lower the fat levels in the blood. Remember, cayenne is hot, but this is a good heat to help your body burn more fat.


The herbs mentioned above are ideal for losing weight.

Some of them are incredibly inexpensive, easy to find, and great for seasoning foods like chicken and turkey. No one says your diet has to be bland.

With these herbs, you should be able to continue losing weight and enjoy your food while you do so.

If you aren’t convinced that these herbs and spices can help you lose weight, then maybe you should try them for yourself. These herbs for weight loss taste amazing, and when blended with other foods, can create amazing flavors that are healthy and great for helping you lose that stubborn weight.

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