Interesting Health Benefits of Garlic

A common ingredient that has always been given in to most of the Indian, as well as many other cuisines, is Garlic. The aroma of roasted garlic is something pretty incredible. You will find toppings on garlic on pizzas, in an Indian curry, dips as well as during meal preparation. As garlic is known as one of the most common ingredients to enhance the flavour and aroma in a dish, it has got many hidden health benefits at the same time. Talking about the same, during the historical period, people have been making use of garlic in several health beneficial properties.


Garlic is known to have anti-bacterial properties as well as anti-fungal properties which serves to cure many health as well as skin related issues. With the commencement of so many beautiful and DIY hacks, another of the common hacks people are putting to great use is with garlic. We have mentioned underneath some of the common health benefits of garlic, especially in the raw form.

Health Benefits of Garlic

Boosting Immunity

Presence of anti-bacterial properties in garlic help in the treatment of curing cough, cold and other infections. Chewing raw garlic helps in boosting your immunity system. This further helps to fight away any infection especially cold and flu. The activity of the immunity cells gets boosted and naturally, they are more prone to fighting against bacterial and viral infections.

Garlic benefits

Phytonutrients present in Garlic acts as a natural form of antioxidant. We all know how important antioxidant in our body is. In the same way, garlic helps in the increase of antioxidant in the body due to the natural presence of the nutrient.

If you intake one to two cloves of garlic in a day, it will help in the enhancement of the different immune cells present in your body. Furthermore, with the presence of the nutrients, it will support in the flushing out of excess toxins in the body for proper functioning of your body.

Relieves Oxidation Stress

Consumption of 1 clove of raw garlic will help in fighting against oxidative stress. Not only this, garlic comes as we blessing in disguise for the prevention against heart diseases. It mainly purifies the harmful oxygen radicals in the body.

When you are intaking raw garlic, it has the presence of organosulfur which is water soluble. This further helps in the prevention of DNA damage, reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and also helps in reducing inflammation.

Protection Against Heart Diseases

Intake of raw garlic before going to bed or before going for a morning walk to in the treatment against cardiovascular diseases. Garlic benefits in maintaining the arteries to not lose their stretch by the course of time.

garlic benefit

It further provides support in prevention against free oxygen radicals in the body. Due to this, there are higher chances of the blood-vessels from getting blocked. Garlic has the presence of sulphur compounds which lowers the development of hardening of the arteries, prevents clots in the blood vessels, lowers the chances of the bad cholesterol level by the increase in antioxidant formulas.

Help In Diabetes

Diabetes has become one of the most common metabolic disorder in people. May it be old age people or adults, due to unhealthy lifestyle and an increase in stress, it has become a common form of health problem.

Garlic serves for a yearning health benefit in the treatment of such a metabolic issue. The main cause of diabetes serves to be in the increase of blood sugar level. Chewing or intake of 3 cloves of garlic in your diet, early in the morning or before going to sleep is going to be highly effective for your body.

If you continue to intake this natural procedure, you will be able to recognize that there will be an effective decrease in the glucose level in the body. This will further encourage your body to be insulin sensitive which acts in controlling your diabetes.

Prevention Against Cancer

You never know what wrong functioning is happening inside your body, giving rise to life-threatening diseases like cancer. It has been found that daily intake of raw garlic benefits in lowering the risk of gaining any type of cancer in the body, for both male and female.

As mentioned before, the presence of sulphur compounds helps in treating oxidative stress. In the same way, garlic acquires allyl sulphides and diallyl sulphide, which acts as an anti-cancer property which further reduces the chances of gaining cancer or unwanted tumor inside the body.

Improve Iron Metabolism

It is important to acquire iron in your body. Deficiency of iron in the body is the sole cause of many health-related problems. You already know garlic has the presence of Diallyl sulphides which helps in the production of a protein known as ferroportin.

It further helps in the absorption of iron and zinc absorption and release. It is one of the effective methods of improving your iron metabolism. You will be able to view the positive results when you commence on the consumption of 2 raw garlic cloves every morning with warm water.

Treating Kidney Infections

Another common problem faced especially among women in UTI infection and another one is a kidney infection. Coming to natural therapy, there are many natural ingredients as well as fruit juices that treat such infections like pomegranate juice. But there are also health benefits of garlic.

Through research and study, it has been found that garlic is an effective ingredient that helps in the reduction as well as the growth of P. aeruginose which is mainly effective for the signs of UTI and kidney infections. There is another thing known as E.coli growth in the urinary tract which is prevented by the proper intake of garlic.

Treatment for Respiratory problems

Daily intake of garlic benefits in the reduction of being prone to colds as well as throat problems. Due to the presence of anti-bacterial properties, garlic helps in the treatment of respiratory problems.

Intake of raw garlic also helps in treating disorders of lungs which includes breathing problems, asthma and so on. It also helps in curing and reducing the ratio of chronic bronchitis.

Fighting Against Cold Sores

Many of us might have faced the common issue of cold sores or blisters. At times it is painful as well as causes high inflammation. This is mainly caused due to herpes simplex virus. The most common areas of finding such cold sores are on your nose, chin and lip areas.

As it spreads through the virus, it is highly contagious. To get prevented from the same, garlic benefits you here. Intake of 1 or 2 cloves of raw garlic slowly inputs the advantage of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory as well as antimicrobial properties which reduces the chances as well as prevents the growth of such sores.

Prevention Against Alzheimer’s Disease

Another health benefits of garlic are that it is known to prevent neurodegenerative disease like dementia. Dementia has a type of disease which is known as Alzheimer’s. Garlic is termed to be an effective ingredient for the treatment of the same.

There is a bioactive compound found in garlic which is known as S-allyl-cysteine. This compound is known to be neuroprotective in nature. Not only this, we already know that garlic possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that further prevent these kinds of diseases.

Helps in Weight Loss

There are so many natural remedies that aids in weight loss. Among all them, there are health benefits of garlic too. Intake of garlic early in the morning with warm water will help in reducing weight.

Garlic has the properties that help in the burning of your excess calories. It increases the thermogenesis and reduces the harmful cholesterol in the body that helps in weight loss. Following a proper diet and including raw garlic with some exercise will bore you with fruitful results.

Maintains Oral Hygiene

There are some people who tend to suffer from plague, yellow teeth and many other oral problems. Garlic benefits you in many ways that include your oral hygiene too.

The present of anti-microbial properties in garlic helps in omitting the oral pathogens, If you are suffering from toothache or inflammation in the gums, one of the best ways is to opt for garlic. You can either create a mixture of garlic and warm water and use it as mouth wash or before brushing your teeth with toothpaste include raw garlic too.

Final Words –

There are ample health benefits of garlic. The list might get longer. But then if you are allergic to garlic, it is better not to opt for it. Garlic has too many benefits in all ways. It can also be used as solution or a DIY mixture to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.

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