3 Ways That Taking Hair Supplements Can Help Your Hair Grow

Rough and weak hair can give negative first impressions and whether you keep short or long hair, hair care and maintenance should be a daily task. Major hair losses are caused by various reasons like poor eating habits, aging, vitamin, protein and mineral deficiencies, or high-stress levels. Other serious issues like illnesses, chronic medical conditions such as cancer and medication can also cause hair loss.

Different types of supplements are present online making it difficult to decide on the best supplements that can effectively work on your hair. The best supplements should contain the necessary vitamins, minerals, and active ingredients that stimulate healthy hair growth. Supplements provide the necessary nutrients and energize hair follicles causing them to start growing again. There are also catalase supplements that can restore your hair’s natural color and prevent it from turning grey prematurely.

Hair Growth guide by Andrea provides you with a detailed review of the safest hair loss supplements and pills in 2017, rated by effectiveness and price. Below are ways that supplements can improve your hair loss and hair thinning condition.

Lowers Stress Levels

High-stress levels are among the top causes of hair loss and hair thinning. Feeding on the right foods and diet and having enough rest goes a long way in ensuring that your hair grows strong and healthy. With low-stress levels, proper hair care, and maintenance your hair will grow strong and at the average anticipated rate of a half an inch to an inch every month.

Provides The Necessary Vitamins

One of the things that you should ensure for hair care and growth is that you take a proper diet. Proper nutrient levels boost hair growth resulting in hair that is strong to withstand damage. Some supplements contain biotin which can be present in supplement and food form that maximizes hair growth. Lack of biotin is one of the factors that result in hair loss. Foods like nuts, whole-wheat bread, cheddar cheese, soybeans and fruits like raspberries and cauliflower are among those rich in biotin and vitamin A and B6 essential for hair growth.

Biotin produces amino acids, the building blocks of protein after it reacts with enzymes within cells.

Provides The Necessary Minerals

Apart from vitamins, minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium, and zinc are essential for hair growth. Supplements contain these essential minerals which boost the hair growth process. Iron is present in supplements and in addition, you can increase your iron levels by taking foods rich in iron such as fish, pumpkin seeds, green leafy vegetables, and cereals.

The consumption of around 12mg of iron daily has been found by doctors to work wonders. Lack of iron results in dry, brittle hair which breaks easily resulting in thinning hair and eventually hair loss and baldness. Proteins also strengthen hair and they can be found in hair supplements and foods. Some supplements block dihydrotestosterone which causes hair loss in men.

If you don’t eat a healthy meal, you are likely to suffer from deficiencies that might be difficult to treat and aside from causing hair loss they might lead to other complications. Taking supplements alongside the right diet enhances hair growth rates but before starting to take supplements, it’s best that you check in with your doctor for an in-depth analysis. This will ensure that you are fit to take the medications and you will be given the amount of dosage required.

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