Getting To Kluang From Singapore: The Ultimate Travel Guide for the Cost-Effective Way


The capital of Johor state is Kluang. There isn’t much more to this area’s reputation than farming and eco-tourism. The Malay word Kluang, which means a flying fox, is where the city’s name derives from. These creatures used to be common in the area, therefore the name. The most well-liked activities in Kluang involve leaving the city and exploring the jungle in search of excitement.

The district’s capital city was established as the British administrative hub for Johor’s central areas. During an invasion during World War II, the Japanese took control of the area. The Japanese army launched bombings against the Allied forces occupying the rest of Malaysia and Singapore from an airstrip close to the town. Following the war, Malaysian Army Aviation used the area. These areas are not among the tourist attractions in Kluang.

You can use Kluang, which is in the middle of Johor State, to conveniently travel to other cities within the state. However, the opposite is also accurate. You may easily go to Kluang from every other city or town in Johor.

Farms, wildlife preserves, and leisure pursuits are the mainstays of Kluang tourism. Among the activities to do in Kluang, there are eco-resorts and eco-tours that involve hiking, trekking, camping, mountain climbing, nature discovery, and bird watching. The two most well-liked locations in Kluang for these outdoor adventure activities are Gunung Belumut and Gunung Lambak. Although the hiking trails in the highlands are clearly marked, you can also veer off the beaten road to forge your own way. Both of these tourist destinations are generally safe.

You can catch a peek at rural life at one of the organic agro farms among Kluang’s tourist attractions. Kluang also has some interesting locations to explore, such as coffee and tea farms. Excellent street art is one of Kluang’s numerous tourist attractions, as it is in so many other Malaysian cities and towns.

You can spend a day exploring Kluang, which is a popular tourist site. If you’re driving across the state of Johor horizontally or vertically, you can also use it as a stopping point. And when talking about road travel to Singapore, you must know that you can simply book your bus tickets online and travel to Kluang from Singapore in the most comfortable and affordable way. 


Things to do in Kluang

Take a Photowalk

You’ll find the walls are decorated with amusing paintings after visiting Kluang. In addition, nearly every street and alleyway have a mural created by a local artist. And the trick to them is that each painting tells a proverbial tale about Kluang. Therefore, if you’re in the area, hire a guide, go on a Photowalk, and stroll around Kluang’s narrow streets to take in the vibrant artwork.



Mount Lambak Recreational Forest, which offers the opportunity to hike through its lanes, is located in Kluang. This forest, also known as Gunung Lambak, is a popular tourist destination in Kluang. The walk is broken up into two sections; the first is simply because there are obvious pathways, while the second is more difficult and demands more effort. The walk can be completed in two to three hours with no difficulty. The finest thing to do in Kluang, Malaysia, is to choose this activity.


Discover Kluang Coffee Powder Factory

What is superior to a café? a coffee plant! Aside from producing superior coffee powder, this facility also honours Mr Goh’s efforts to create Kluang Coffee Powder Factory in 1966. You can take a quick tour of the factory and sample the various coffees. Even better, you can take coffee home with you as a keepsake!


Explore Zenxin Organic Park

The first publically accessible organic farm in Malaysia is Zenxin Organic Park. This 100-acre farm is a top supplier of organic goods for learning and entertainment. The farm may be cycled about, a guided tour can be taken, and visitors can take a stroll through the herb garden. Also, don’t forget to stop by the pet area if you’re an animal lover to pet adorable domestic animals like rabbits, ducks, and chicks.


Places to visit in Kluang

Mount Lambak

A little mountain named Mount Lambak rises 510 metres above sea level. The hike can be finished in 1-2 hours by taking the shortest trail. Unfortunately, the steepest trail is also here, although there are hanging ropes to save you from falling. Nevertheless, the view from the peak is spectacular and well worth the sweat and effort, even though this trek is not simple and may be rather difficult, especially for a beginner.


On the other hand, the safer and longer track, which will take about 5 to 6 hours to reach the peak, would enable you to feel more close to nature. When there is no direct sunshine, early in the morning or late in the day is the ideal time to do the hike. It is also not advised to visit this Kluang sight after it has rained because the terrain is exceedingly slick.


Kluang Street Art

Murals and works of art may be found across Kluang’s municipality. A few of these murals are painted on the outside of buildings, while others are painted on the sidewalks at the sides of the highways. A regular back alley becomes spectacular because of this art. The majority of tourists to Kluang would view this as a “temporary” art installation that will disappear over time, but each piece of artwork has a tale to tell.


These pieces of art breathe life into the neighbourhood with their vivid colours. To avoid crowds and take excellent shots without having to wait, it would be ideal to visit one of the most popular Kluang sites early in the morning. You don’t have to look for the paintings because they are all on one street and close to one another. If you want to sample regional fares like kaya toast, nasi lemak, and mee goreng, you may also pause for breakfast at one of the coffee shops along the route.

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