Four of the Best Places to Visit In America

The good ole of U S A… Land of the free and home of the brave. The country might be extremely polarized with political turmoil and socially-driven issues right now, but it is still a great place to visit. There are plenty of beautiful landscapes to view, city streets to explore, and adventures to be had in this amazing country.

Don’t let the stigma of the country throw you off. The people think differently, and can be more uptight than Australians or others in the world, but they are still an enjoyable people to be around. Take a trip to America and find out just how amazing a place the country can be when you ignore the media and stereotypes.

Plan a tour of the country, from sea to shining sea. Make yourself a list of destinations to visit, reserve your hotel rooms in advance, buy your plane tickets, and make appropriate preparations in case of emergency. Then set out for an sensational trip to some of the places discussed below.

 1. New York City

If you are into the city scene, there is nowhere else in America, nowhere else in the world, like New York City. The City that Never Sleeps, the “city so nice they named it twice;” there is an infinite number of exciting places to visit and events to experience in the Big Apple.

New York City is the epitome of cultural diversity. The cuisine mix in the city is just as assorted as the world itself. Any variety you want to try, you can find it here. Restaurants are everywhere, yet parking is not. Be careful when driving in New York. The streets are always congested with the nearly 9 million people who call the city home, and parking is in short supply. That is why it is suggested to take a taxi wherever you go.

One place you cannot take a taxi to is Liberty Island where Lady Liberty herself stands tall, welcoming emigrants from across the Atlantic Ocean. The current significance of the Statue of Liberty may be in dispute, but there is no denying the importance the colossus had on millions of people seeking a better life. Travel up to the top of the statue to gaze upon the immense cityscape of New York.

2. Wyoming

The entire state of Wyoming is an adventure! Mostly in its pristine state with minimal human presence, this wild land is full of nature for those of you who like to explore the great outdoors. To start with, Yellowstone National Park, the world’s first national park, is full of forest, mountains, and native wildlife. Buffalos roam freely and grizzly bears forage the area for food.

Hiking throughout the park will lead you to find some amazing sights. Old Faithful is the famous geyser that shoots out heated water on a fairly predictable schedule. The entire area sits atop an active supervolcano (actually overdue for it’s typical 600,000 year eruption cycle), causing the heat from within the Earth to heat up the springs and lakes, making some of these great places to swim and relax in.

The Grand Prismatic Spring is not one of these. The heat is too intense for most living things to endure. Still, the rings of color surrounding the water are beautiful, especially by helicopter.

3. Las Vegas

Another location for those who dig the city scene, Las Vegas is a playground for adults. Sin City, as they call it, is the number one destination for gambling fun. Extravagant casinos line the Strip, a 4 mile long stretch reserved for these gaming centers. The blazing lights and flashing names are meant to entice patrons into their establishments for some roulette, poker, and other games of chance. Betting on the games can be fun, but you need to be cautious not to get carried away. If you are not careful, all of your travel money may disappear.

There is more to do in Las Vegas than gambling. The hotels have shows nightly and change them often. Musicians of world renown perform as do comedians and the acrobatic entertainment of Cirque du Soleil. There are museums and art galleries, desert ATV’ing, ghost tours, and even an Avengers exhibit displaying props and costumes from the Marvel movies.

4. Alaska

Another region preserved in its pre-human state, there are many areas for nature enthusiasts to discover. The largest state in America, once owned by Russia, has a native population that long ago settled after crossing the frozen Pacific during the Ice Age. The local way of life combined with the animals and scenery make Alaska unique among its fellow states.

No matter what time of year you visit Alaska – though it is probably best to avoid the winter because temperatures can be extreme – you will see some of the most amazing glaciers you can find on the planet. Slow-moving ice sliding across the mountainous terrain, lined with evergreen forests, reminds us that nature is always changing.

If you take a cruise of these glaciers, you will get to see them from an angle that makes you fully appreciate the size of these sliding layers of frozen water. While on the deck of a cruise ship, you may also get to experience the magical presence of whales. Humpback whales and orcas, to name a few of the species, journey to the gelid waters of Alaska for food. If you are lucky, you will get to spot one breach, or better yet leap into the air completely.

Now you can see that America is actually an amazing place to meet new people and see sights that you can’t anywhere else in the world. From the Grand Canyon of Arizona to the streets of Savannah, Georgia, you will never encounter local cultures or stunning natural beauty quite like America can offer! Feel free to extend your stay in the country if you can afford to and explore more of the diverse environments across this great land.

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