10 Facts about Rum and Vodka that will surprise you


With their rich history profile, rum and vodka have unique tastes, making them timeless drinks. The differences between rum and vodka are distinctive and both have amazing facts and properties behind them that will surprise you.

Read on to see the top 10 surprising facts behind the two:

  1.    Vodka is an antiseptic

Vodka has antiseptic and disinfectant properties so, you can use it to treat toothaches and to clean wounds as well as your house. In fact, some of the household cleaning agents contain a certain percentage of alcohol.

  1.    They both contain medicinal properties

Although people drink rum and vodka for leisure, these two liquors can be used for medicinal purposes. Rum was also referred to as ‘a tot of rum’ by the British armies who used it during war to prevent scurvy which was a major threat. Vodka, on the other hand, can be used to cool jellyfish stings while disinfecting the wound.

  1.    $40, 000 for the most expensive bottle of rum

The most expensive bottle of rum valued at $40,000 contains blends dated back from as early as 1915. There were only four bottles displayed in the first European Rum Festival and, the rum doesn’t have a specific name.

  1.    Rum production is famous in the Caribbean

The Caribbean owns 80% of all the rum production in the world. All islands here have their own distinct style of production. Other countries as well produce some of the most famous brands like the Old Monk from India.

  1.    Rum was the first branded spirit

Rum has been there for the longest period of time even before most of the alcoholic beverages in the market today. Basically, it was the first kind of spirit to be branded.

  1.    Rum sour was conceived in Barbados

Rum is a common spirit used in cocktails. Rum sour is a popular cocktail made of rum, originating from Barbados and is normally served in a conch shell.

  1.    A shot of vodka equals 90 calories

As opposed to a can of beer that contains 150 calories, a single shot of vodka contains 90 calories. Depending on the brand, a shot can have as low as 70 calories. Also, vodka is lighter than water, with a liter containing 50 grams less than a liter of water which contains 1000 grams.

  1.    Some Vodka is gluten-free

Even with a gluten allergy, you can still enjoy your vodka. Most vodka brands are produced using grains but others use alternative ingredients like potato and corn.

  1.    The ban of vodka in Russia

During the World War I, the Russian government banned the sale of Vodka. Due to this, the government lost a third of its income in a very short time.

  1.   Vodka can be used for skin care

Vodka has disinfectant properties which help to deep-clean your pores. Before applying, it has to be diluted with an equal ratio of water. It can prevent acne breakouts but on the downside, cannot be used on dry skin or sensitive skin due to its dehydration property.


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