Facebook Container Extension – Prevent Facebook from Tracking You Out of the Box – Firefox Extension

Facebook Container Extension – Prevent Facebook from Tracking You Out of the Box – Firefox Extension

Software development has become an excellent business nowadays. Day by day, the technologies are evolving across the world. Not only this, social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, and many other impacts significantly on people’s lives and business activities as well. 

Since the e-commerce business development is growing exponentially, it’s critical to monitor the most recent e-commerce applications available in the market that is utilizing the best technology to provide significant benefits to the companies. Practical and tech improvements in accounting software could affect the functions of the online business.

The workplace in the entire world is changing quickly. The world currently has moved from the conventional style of working to the more technical advancements & sophisticated way of working. To achieve the change, companies take the course of cutting-edge tech and utilizing PCs and smart devices extensively.

The prime reason for this ongoing improvement and growth in software development is that companies are valuing the requirements of users. Developing any software solution revolves mainly around the software requirement gathering and enrollment of users in different activities during the Software Development Lifecycle. Such an approach to software development helps the developers to implement the requirements of users explicitly. 

The world is experiencing exponential growth in Information Technology because of the rapid increase in the speed of software development. 

Facebook Container Mozilla Firefox Extension

One of the best results of this rapidly increasing software Development is the Facebook Container extension for the Mozilla Firefox. This browser extension is officially developed and launched by the Mozilla for Firefox Browser. With this extension, you can prevent Facebook from tracking you outside the container. The extraordinary extension of Firefox uses high technology that Mozilla has been developing for many years. This extension is also available as a distinct multi-account containers extension for Mozilla Firefox.


Mozilla officially announced two years back its experimental feature named as “Containers”. The concept of a container is to build separate browser accounts, or identities are the same window of the browser. The Mozilla developed four different browsing activities containers named as

  • Work.
  • Banking. 
  • Shopping. 
  • Personal. 

Moreover, the concept of the container of Mozilla is different from the Google concept of browser profiles that allows the users to create or open multiple accounts in the Google Chrome Browser. The account is there for a long time, but you need to use a different window in order to operate them separately. As a result of the recent Facebook & Cambridge Analytical Scandal, Mozilla tries its best to keep things simple, easy, straight forward for all of its users that they developed and launched an extension. With the “Facebook Container”, you can isolate your Facebook activities with the rest of your online activities. 


In contrast to Tracking Protection, another Firefox premium feature, which blocks most tracking contents available on the internet. This amazing prevents the tracking of Facebook extension not only obstructs the monitoring of Facebook but also completely isolates the container from other Firefox containers. 

The benefit of this new fantastic & appealing Facebook Container extension is that the user won’t experience any dysconnectivity of the web, that happens most of the time with the other tracking scripts you use. It will also prevent you & your significant data from the hackers.

Once you are done with the installation of the Facebook container extension, it will delete all the relevant cooking of Facebook and log out all of your services. The very next time you visit https://facebook.com, it will open in a separate blue color browser tab, which is called the Facebook Container Tab. 

Facebook Container Extension

And from Facebook, if you click on any non-Facebook link, it will navigate you to that link but outside the Facebook container. Similarly, if you open any Facebook Link in a new tab, it will again open in a blue color browser tab. So, all the Facebook-related activities will happen in the Facebook Container. In this way, Mozilla Facebook Container Extension is separating your Facebook and non-Facebook activities. 

Not fully tracking activities are blocked by this extension, you Facebook likes and share activities will be recorded and sent back to Facebook. But it separates your Facebook world from the rest of the world.


Step by step, however consistently, Mozilla has been grasping a lot stronger position on user’s privacy. Since the last few years, Mozilla is continuously adding up more and more privacy features to prevent the user’s privacy. This expanded outsider protection augmentations, for example, RUSVPN Firefox VPN expansion.

While on the other hand, the income of the organization, despite everything, relies upon advertisement. Recently Mozilla also paused the ads of Facebook over the Cambridge Analytics Scandal to allow Facebook to get familiar with that practice of sharing such kind of data is not acceptable. This new Facebook Container extension is an essential step in a similar direction, and it beneficial from a user’s perspective. 

The Facebook Container Extension of Mozilla isolates every identity of Facebook in a separate container that makes it difficult for Facebook to track the web activities of Facebook users. 

While declaring the Mozilla Privacy Standards, they claim that Mozilla doesn’t collect any users that when the users use the Facebook container extension to explore different content of Facebook. In this era of technology, privacy & cybersecurity are two critical things to consider at all stages.


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