Drinking Games Without Cards – Every One Should Play Once

drinking games without cards.

There’s something pleasantly conventional about drinking games without cards. No need for any fancy props, air pumps or extension cords —just booze (a lot of it), awesome buddies and a will to compete. It’s Saturday night and you better not be sitting around with your buds, talking about the same old boring stuff. Let’s make this night a bit more interesting by playing some fun drinking games without cards. After all drinking games bring us closer (literally!).

These games can be played with beer or any other alcoholic beverage (I mean booze is booze right!). For all the drunken chums out there, we now present to you a list of fantabulous drinking games without cards

Drinking Games Without Cards-

Holler Buzz

drinking games without cards

This is a rather simple game, but you need some basic math skills to play this one. All players take a turns counting. First player starts by saying “one,” next player says “two” and so on. Every time a player says a number that is divisible by 7, that player has to shout “buzz.” If that player doesn’t shout “buzz,” he/she drinks. If someone says “buzz” by mistake, he/she drinks. The dare is to see how high a number the game would reach.

Straight Face drinking games without cards

This is one of my favorite drinking games without cards. To play this game each player writes few sentences on a piece of paper. What type of sentences? Well, basically stupid, outright craptastic and ridiculously inappropriate ones; the kind of sentences that anyone would struggle to read out loud, especially while keeping a straight face. All players will pick a slip and attempt to read whatsoever is written on it without sniggering or cracking a grin. If they are not up to the snuff, they simply gotta drink.

I’m Going to a Bar

drinking games without cards.

If you liked the above two drinking games without cards you’re going to love this one. Have you ever played I’m Going on a Picnic? This game is almost like that one…only with booze. The first player starts off by saying, “I’m going to a bar and I want to get a beer” (you can name any alcoholic beverage). Afterwards, the following players repeat the name of the drink that the previous players said… but they also have to add another drink to the list.

After a few rounds the list looks something like this – “I’m going to a bar and I want to get a beer, mojito, champagne, a tequila shot, a martini and a gin and tonic.” You’ll keep going until one of the player’s messes up; whosoever messes up first has to drink.

James Bond

drinking games without cards

Talking about fun drinking games without cards, how can we forget to mention the James Bond drinking game? This game is played with martinis. Playing this game is quite simple just play a James Bond movie for the gang and whenever someone would say “James,” gulp down 2 sips. Whenever someone would say “Bond,” take 2 sips. Whenever someone would say “James Bond,” players have to drink half a beer. Word of caution: As the movie progresses things will get rather rowdy.

Flip, Sip, or Strip

drinking games without cards

In this fantastic drinking game without cards all you need are some cool guys who like to have some fun, beer and a quarter. The game begins with the first player flipping the quarter in the air while another player calls it. If he calls it correctly the coin will be passed to the right. If he calls it incorrectly, the coin will be passed to the left. Any player who calls it incorrectly must take off one piece of clothing or drink 4 sips of beer. The twist is that no one can strip or sip more than twice in a row.

Chandelier drinking games without cards

One of the most perfect drinking games without cards is Chandelier. This game is ideal for those who live in small apartments or dorms. To play this game, you require 16 ounce plastic cups and a few ping-pong balls. All players must sit around a table, all of them with their plastic cups of beer, placed on the edge of the table to make a circle of cups on the perimeter of table. Place a cup filled with beer on the center of the table.

For playing this game, players try to bounce the ball into the cups of other players. If they succeed, then the other person has to drink their beer. If in case ball bounces into the center cup, all players have to drink, and the one who bounced the ball has to drink beer from the middle cup too. If a player misses, whoever catches the ball goes next.


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