Do Vitamin Patches Work?


Zach is looking to improve his nutrition. In the last few years, he has lost weight and changed his lifestyle. Ever since, Zach has been concerned with keeping himself physically fit and in good health. Lately, though, he is wondering whether he could do more. Zach already watches his diet and eats healthy foods. A friend tells Zach that he should consider adding vitamin patches to his regimen. He talks to Zach about the benefits he has seen since he started using vitamin patches himself. Then, Zach decides to go online and find out more about vitamin patches. However, the first thought that crosses his mind is: Do vitamin patches really work?

How Vitamin Patches Work

Vitamin patches are bariatric vitamin supplement patches that people can wear on the skin rather than take orally. Bariatric vitamins are designed to help people reach their personal health goals. These patches allow the skin to absorb supplements over time. Consequently, this lets the supplements totally bypass the digestive system. They contain no fillers and no calories. Vitamin patches are now so ubiquitous that researchers study them in clinical trials for patients who undergo bariatric surgery.

Like other types of supplements, vitamin patches fill any existing gaps in nutrition. Vitamin supplements have numerous positive benefits, such as supporting bones and joints, boosting the immune system, and organ health. They can also help metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, improving the overall energy levels. Breast, colon, and prostate health all depend, in part, on receiving enough essential nutrients. That is why trusted universities and hospitals throughout the world recommend vitamin supplements to their patients.

Benefits of Vitamin Patches Over Pills

Vitamin patches avoid the difficulty of swallowing (possibly multiple) large pills each day. Many people have difficulty in swallowing large supplement pills or in general because of pre-existing health conditions. Therefore, having to take a vitamin supplement orally every day is a major disincentive for many people. With vitamin patches, these difficulties and inconveniences are irrelevant.


Vitamin patches offer more convenience than oral supplements. Vitamin patches can be “set and forget.” Once applied, you can go about your day as normal. You are able to receive all the essential nutrients you need without even thinking about it.

Vitamin patches are far more convenient for travel than bottles of pills too. They take up less space, weigh far less, and make no noise when jostled around.

Having to drag around bottles of oral supplements can be frustrating precisely because they are often bulky. You should never be faced with having to leave vitamin supplements at home because of inconvenience or lack of space.

Consider Whether Vitamin Patches are the Right Choice for You

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