Quick Tips for DIY Air Conditioner Repair Services

If you are among those people that cannot stand extremely hot or cold weather conditions, a properly maintained air conditioner will come in handy. Not only does it regulate the temperature in a room, but it also promotes healthier aeration. As expected of all types of electrical appliances, an air conditioner is likely to have malfunction issues if it is not correctly used or regularly maintained. Of course, getting a professional to handle all the repairs and maintenance is recommended. However, you can still rely on DIY diagnosis and repair tips to ensure it continues to function as it should. Read on to discover the quick DIY tips for air conditioner repair services.

Monitor the switchboard

If you have tried switching on your air conditioner and it does not respond as it should, chances are the switchboard could be faulty. This part is essential as it allows electricity passage into the appliance. Once you have identified where the problem is coming from, you can organize for a replacement. Buy the required part and get a professional to fix it for you.

Ensure the filter is clean

According to Dallas AC Repair service, Your air conditioning unit requires to have a clean filter to perform optimally. But when it is not regularly cleaned, your air conditioner will start blowing less air or cool lesser than expected. When this happens, you are less likely to enjoy the perks that come with air conditioning. If you are not sure about where the filter is located, consult the manufacturer’s manual. It is situated towards the front while the cooling filters are found towards the outer unit. Once you have opened the front grill, you will see a set of filters that you can easily remove. You can use air pressure to clean the air cleaner before placing it back to ensure dust does not prevent the AC from circulating the intended airflow. However, care must be taken when cleaning your AC air filter, since too much pressure can tear it apart. Doing this will prevent you from incurring unnecessary costly repairs.

Check the ducts and seal the leakage spaces.

Dust is an air conditioner’s biggest enemy. If it accumulates in the inner and outer units, your AC may fail to function normally. Always make sure that the coils inside and outside are clean. Avoid cleaning by spraying with water plus a soft brush to get rid of the dirt that has gathered on the coils. This can interfere with the system. Before you do that, ensure all your windows and doors are properly sealed to keep your home cool.

During winter, ice may accumulate in the duct. To prevent that from happening, you can open the front grill or indoor unit to check for any icing on the grills. The presence of icing or ice on the grill is an indication of leakage in the cooling coils. When this happens, you should replace the cooling coils or weld the leakage after identifying the parts of leakage. The process may be cumbersome for a person who has never handled the job, but you will eventually get accustomed to successive repairs. 

Inspect the blower motor and adjust the thermostat

Before you install your AC, you should try to find out how many amps it is supposed to draw and how much power it should consume. If it consumes more than expected, it means the motor is faulty. Also, a thermostat that doesn’t work as expected needs an adjustment or replacement. Either way, a professional can help you identify the problem and what can be done to solve it.

If you suspect that you will be away for more extended periods, then it is advisable to adjust your thermostat to a higher temperature. This not only lessens the amount of time your unit will need to spend each day, but it also increases your AC’s shelf-life. If you are still using the traditional version, then it is time you upgraded to a modern thermostat that allows you to pre-program your thermostat to fit your schedule. The last thing you want is to have a higher utility bill each month, so adjusting your thermostat will shield you from that.

Check the refrigerant levels and match with AC function.

An AC is designed for both residential and commercial properties depending on the users’ needs. As expected, the refrigerant levels differ. To avoid facing malfunction problems, you should always make sure you test refrigerant levels. If you aren’t sure about where the problem is coming from, seek the assistance of a professional technician. They are well placed to foresee any issues that may arise with fluctuating refrigerant levels.

Hire an HVAC professional to conduct tune-up services

It takes a keen eye to predict a problem before it becomes worse. An HVAC technician has the skills and experience to detect, diagnose and fix problems as and when they arise. Though DIY tips may help you in maintaining the wellbeing of your AC, the processes are short-lived. Only a professional has the capacity and materials to test your unit’s internal parts and advice you where necessary. Other services also include clearing the drain, cleaning the unit inside and out, and checking for broken or leaking parts. Before you hire a technician, do your research on their profiles and the reputation of the companies they are representing. 

Whether you are buying an AC for the first time or are looking to upgrade to a more efficient one, regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary. The thought of having a faulty appliance is enough to drive you to the wall. Through these DIY tips, your AC will continue to serve its intended purpose and save you money. But if you are unable to diagnose the problem, seeking help from an HVAC technician is a noble thing to do. Though it costs money to hire a professional, the results are what will make you appreciate the decision you have made. The bottom line is, a little bit of housekeeping in this regard will ensure your AC continues to work optimally.

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