7 Ways To Develop A Strong Reading Habit For Your Personal Growth


Since childhood our parents have tried to incorporate a few habits in us that aids in personal growth. One such habit that is common for most of us is that of reading – from study books to story books and everything in between. We all know that reading is very good for us. It not only helps us to make productive use of our free time but it also ensures that you get a strong sense of language. There are many benefits of reading which helps us to become better at communicating as well. The more books you read, the better will be your vocabulary.

Though we know that reading is an excellent hobby, many of us have a hard time inculcating that habit. Due to the many distractions available in today’s world, most children and adult find it very difficult to stick to one book. With only a few pages in most people get too distracted with things like computers and turn to them for entertainment. Thus the books taken from the library or bought out of excitement are left to collect dust. If you are tired of dragging a single book out for months, then you need not worry as you can actually inculcate the habit of reading by making some small changes in your days.

Here are 7 ways to develop a strong reading habit for your personal growth and turn yourself into a bibliophile.

Make Time For Reading

In today’s hectic lifestyle, it is very difficult to actually read unless you are making time for it in your schedule. If you are planning your days in advance, it is a very good idea to incorporate a specific time for reading. It can be in between breaks or before you go to sleep, as long as you are able to keep a certain period of time scheduled for your books, you should be good to go. There are many slots in your day that you do not use up using for any good purposes. If you schedule it for reading, you will make very good use of the time.

Carry Your Books Whenever You Head Out

Along with your keys, wallet and smart phones, it is a very good idea to make a book a mandatory item in your bag each time you leave home. When you are carrying a book with you, you are ensuring that you go through it whenever you get some free time. While commuting to work or waiting for a friend who is late, we often spend a lot of time sitting idle and not doing anything. If you have a book with you, you can take it out and read it whenever you are bored. If you have a good book with you, you will not require any other company.

Rent Books and Set Deadlines

One of the best ways to start off with reading is by renting books. There are many good sites like booksrun.com that offers you the facilities to rent out some of the best books available in the market. One o the benefits of renting is that there is a specific deadline by which you need to submit the book or return it. This deadline will make you give time to the book or else you will not be able to finish it. This is one of the best ways to help you inculcate a reading habit.

Create A Realistic Reading List

Creating a reading list will give you the interest to read books. You can research on different genres and authors who would like to read. Once you know what excites you, you can put it down as a list that you can follow. But you need to make sure that it is very realistic. As a new reader if you overwhelm yourself with a huge number of books to read, you will never get comfortable with reading. As a new reader around 20 books a year is the maximum number of books to feature in your reading list.

Try And Stay Away From Difficult Reads

Though there is nothing as a bad read, there can be some books that make for a difficult read. As a new reader it is very important to read books that are not too difficult as it will help you to read them more often. Try and read books that have a fluid language and is reader-friendly. Once you have inculcated a strong habit of reading, you can go ahead and read as many types of books as you want.

Read Books That Excite You

The best to make something a habit is by finding excitement in that activity. So when you are reading books, you need to make sure that you choose the books that excite you. It should not be very difficult to understand which genre is best suited for you if you start off reading a few different things. Once you know what excites you, you can go ahead and read a few similar books from that genre.

Read Out To Someone

Reading out to someone is a great way to spread the bookworm craze. When you are reading to someone, you are keeping to the task of reading, thus it helps you to maintain consistency. At the same time, you also feel excited about the prospect of reading if you are getting appreciated for the task.

These tricks will help to ensure that you are using your time to read books. Reading books will help you to form a strong personality. In today’s competitive world it is very important to be well read as it helps people to form a good impression about you. With the popularity of digital devices, it is becoming easier to read books on the go. Try and inculcate these habits in your life and see yourself becoming a bibliophile within a very small period of time. So get going and choose some books that you want to read up on at the earliest!


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