Tips for Designing Your Perfect Family House

Family House

Most people’s idea of the perfect home is a house where every room serves a specific purpose in an integrated setup. In such a home, the spaces flow seamlessly creating a harmonized living experience. The key to achieving this arrangement is to mix large multifunctional spaces with separate rooms for intimate needs while creating subtle boundaries. For instance, a large utility room can have laundry space and stores separated by wooden partitions. Similarly, the kitchen and living rooms should be separate because each has unique functions and designs. 

Connected rooms

Most families still prefer the traditional living room with cosy furniture and décor and a clear separation from the open spaces. However, you can still create a sense of continuity in such rooms by leaving out internal doors and using translucent curtains instead. You can also align corridors and add internal windows that implore people to explore what lies beyond.
Alternatively, you can have the children’s rooms leading to a playroom with all manner of play equipment such as slides and swings. The sense of continuity helps relieve the tension of feeling enclosed in a single room which can be a major concern for young children. 

Connection to the outside

Family homes differ from offices and rental properties in that they are just a shelter inside the compound rather than a barricaded façade. As such, it is best to design a home that blurs the line between interiors and the outdoor environment. To turn this vision into reality, add large windows to your kitchen and living room so that you can always see what your children and pets are doing outside. 


Most family homes have a large adult bedroom and a couple of smaller children’s rooms. The idea is that the adult bedroom has enough space for reading and wardrobes as well as a baby cot bed for newborns. And if your house is small, you can go for the mini cot bed, which will fit in the master bedroom and still leave enough space for other bedroom furniture. This arrangement allows you to build intimacy with the baby before it is big enough to live in a separate room.
In the meantime, embellish the children’s room with a baby cot bed and cot accessories of different colours and designs. The good thing about nursery furniture is that it is durable and can last for several years. For instance, the mini cot bed you buy for the newborn will still be useful when the child is in preschool. You can even shift it to the children’s room after weaning the baby so that it can have more play options. 

Security cameras

All the money and creativity in you invest in home transformation would be for naught if your family home is not secured with a CCTV installation. CCTV cameras provide real-time surveillance of your home protecting people and property from harm, theft or damage. You can also use the cameras to monitor your baby as it sleeps in the cot while you relax outside.

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