How to Clean or Descale Keurig & Other Coffee Maker

    How to Clean or Descale Keurig

    Hi people I am once again back with one more posts. But this time I am writing for coffee lover. Today I am going to tell you so many things. More importantly my focus would be on descaling keurig and other coffee makers. So ready for cleaning and maintaining your keurig. So.. guys specially coffee lovers let us begin our journey.

    Descale Keurig

    First of all let us discuss what is descaling. It is removing scale from the coffeemaker Manual. So, let us begin with it. I will tell you so many ways to do it. There are so many ingredients for it. First I will tell you the list of the things and the different which would be require or descaling keurig and other coffee makers. The ingredients are as follows:

    • Citric Acid
    • Lemon juice
    • Vinegar
    • Baking soda
    • Water

    So what let us begin with the preparation of descaling. Let us begin our journey.

    Preparation of Descaling

    How to Clean or Descale KeurigSo first of all you need to make sure that you do descaling every month. Because it would help in removing scales and left over coffee scales. But you also know that outer cleaning would not help anything as internal cleaning is also important to make sure there is no bacteria and other harmful issues.First of all, let us discuss what descaling is. It is removing the scale from the coffee maker. I will tell you so many ways to do it. But before we proceed, you should read the coffee machine user manual and get familiar with the machine before cleaning. There are so many ingredients for it. First, I will tell you the list of the things and the differences required for describing Keurig and other coffee makers. The ingredients are as follows:

    First I want to share a video for descaling keurig: 

    You have to do it every month as over a period of time every coffee maker even keurig develop some lime deposits as it not only destroys the machine but also affects the taste of the coffee. So following are the steps to follow for preparing descaling.

    • First of all remove any keurig k-cup packs from it. So what you can do is you can remove the holder if you want or you can avoid it as will avoiding spilling of water.
    • Now next take out the water from the keurig. Now remove the water filter from inside if it is still there.
    • Last but not the least step in its preparation is make sure that the automatic turn off setting is off. As when you fill in the cleaning solution inside it then it needs to be on for the very long time. So that you can cleanse it properly.

    Now let us move to our next point that is to descale it using vinegar and water.

    Descaling it Using Vinegar and water

    Descaling keurig with Vinegar & water

    Now I will tell you how you can descale keurig 2.0 using vinegar and water. We will go ahead with the procedure using step by step procedure.

    • First of all fill the keurig till half of its capacity with the white distilled vinegar. It should contain a mixture of one part of vinegar and one part of water. Avoid using apple cedar vinegar as it would increase your hard work as you have to rinse with fresh water more times compare to if you use white distilled vinegar. Also if you want you can use lemon juice.
    • Now in the earlier step I have told you that ratio of water and vinegar should be 50:50 to avoid any problem with your machine. So in this step we will fill the remaining machine with the water.
    • Now place one mug beneath the spout. Try to make sure that the capacity of the mug should be somewhere in between the 300 milliliters to 400 milliliters to avoid any spills.
    • Now brew a cup a hot water in it and then make it go into the sink. With this vinegar will flow and it will remove any scale in the machine
    • Now repeat the above step till it is empty
    • Then remove if there is any vinegar left in the reservoir
    • Now add the fresh water in the reservoir. You need to do this so that you can completely remove the vinegar to avoid any bad smell in your coffee.
    • Now you might feel pungent smell in your keurig. Do not worry guys it is quite normal. It will lessen as you keep on brewing the hot water.
    • This is how you can descale it using vinegar and water. But make sure to brew the hot water until the smell of vinegar goes away.

    Descaling it Using Citric Acid and Water

    Descaling keurig Using Citric Acid and WaterNow I will tell you how you can do it using citric acid and water. Let me tell you all the steps using step by step solution.

    • First of all you need to prepare the citric acid solution. Mix one or two teaspoon of citric acid in four or five cups of water.
    • Now put the solution into the reservoir to destroy all the scale.
    • Now again as we did with the vinegar put the cup beneath its drainage mouth.
    • Brew cup of hot water so that citric acid can remove any build up scale.
    • Now repeat the above step till the citric acid cleanses it and the whole reservoir is empty.
    • Keep brewing hot cups of water till the whole smell is removed and all the scale in cleansed.

    Descaling Keurig Without Vinegar

    Or by using an alternative of vinegar like lemon juice and baking soda

    Descaling keurig with lemon juice, baking sodaTill now we have seen descaling using vinegar and citric acid now we will see descaling using lemon juice or baking soda. In this I will not tell the step by step procedure as it has already been done earlier and all the steps are same as above. But there are only two differences in using lemon juice and baking soda and using vinegar. It will list down both the differences for you so that it would become easy for you.

    • First of all, use lemon juice and baking soda in place of vinegar. The solution in case of lemon juice, fill the one third of its capacity with lemon juice and remaining with water and in case of baking soda make it half and half.
    • Another difference which need to be taken care of is for both these it requires a little long as compared to vinegar. In case of these keep it inside from 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

    These are the two only difference otherwise in descaling keurig with these you need to follow the same step as we did in case of vinegar and citric acid.

    Using Keurig Descale Solution

    Keurig Descale SolutionNow as we have learned all the ways so now comes the last way to descale keurig. In this all the steps are same as above but still I want you to understand it quickly.

    • In this first step is adding the solution in it with water.
    • Next steps are exactly same as I have told you already in vinegar and citric acid.
    • Repeat the cycle till it cleanses the keurig.

    So these are the different ways to descale keurig. Hope you have enjoyed the post and it has helped you in this. You can read Outdoor Gear and Camping Equipment Reviews also. Do not forget to share your experience with me. Happy descaling and obviously.. Enjoy coffee!! JJ


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