Customer Service 101

Customer Service 101

Customer support representatives make up the backbone of a company. It is one thing to market and get an interested party to buy a company’s products but it is a completely different ball game to resolve any issues, concerns, or complaints regarding that product so the customer stays inclined to buy from the business again. This is where customer service comes in. Let’s go through some of the basics of getting adept at this service and polishing your pull. 

Customer Service is Crucial

90% of Americans use customer service to reach out to their vendors on services like Amazon and Walmart. This interaction with a customer service agent often culminates in getting a buyer to go ahead and make the purchase. It’s often quite crucial to reply promptly to a customer who may have a query so that the purchase can go ahead. If customer service is bad, so are the sales. It becomes a domino effect. Customer service is often impacted by poor network service in which case the agent has no control over their response times and delays may happen very frequently. Having an internet provider such as CenturyLink will not only keep your workflow going but also guarantee zero delays in setting up client-service interactions. 

Get Creative with Reaching Out

There are tons of ways to ease your interaction with your customer. Let’s go through the chunky bits on how to make the process a breeze:

  1. Voice Call

The easiest way to get real-time, direct access to a client’s questions. This method is tried and tested and yields generally positive results. Though it has decreased in popularity since its premise it is still a viable option for all call-based customer service representatives. 

  1. Messaging

It’s the digital age and many people don’t feel comfortable talking over the phone for their queries. Messaging has grown as a fast, safe, and comfortable option for people opting for this wherever they can. Plus, the interface of websites nowadays emboldens the role of messaging with helpful side tabs and bars prompting users to reach out in case they have questions. It’s just easier and it is connected to other messengers too like WhatsApp and Instagram in case customers want an experience more tailored to their tastes. 

  1. Email

This method is almost as old as calling up the concerned person. Emails have withstood the test of time to establish themselves as a juggernaut in customer service. They are a fast, simple and the most professional way of reaching out, keeping up to date, and contacting the concerned. 

The only area where they lack is perhaps they are not an instant way to have a conversation and people may need to wait between conversations. However, they are a secure way of sending credentials, invoices, or the likes to the clientele. Emails commit to delivering an encrypted one-on-one experience.

  1. Self-Help Service:

Self-help is the latest and greatest to make waves in the customer service department. DIY customer services are chock full of ways to be productive and self-sufficient. Furthermore, YouTube has an abundance of videos that have guides and guidelines alike to help with information customers need to resolve their queries. Courses from critically acclaimed websites like Udemy, Coursera, and HubSpot help in bringing people up to date with how they can make use of their resources and not rely on customer service. Thus, becoming their helpers in the process. 

Social Media Integration

Websites such as Meta (Facebook) and Instagram have come up with dedicated sections in their marketplaces for users to post items they’d like to sell. Naturally, this includes a wide array of perishables as well furniture and normal household items. Customer service is needed here too because people check their social media feed by the dozens and it is imperative to have someone that can handle their requests.

There is always someone to reply to or guide and having a skilled person on the other end who knows his game is of the utmost importance. Quick, fast, and easy responses are what is needed and this can often happen through a customer representative bot but when the questions become specific, then a need for a real person is needed. And this can make or break a deal. 

In-Person Customer Service

This one is mostly for brick-and-mortar stores or those that deal solely face-to-face. Old school stores with little to no online presence because of scarce need in their industry opt for in-person services. This isn’t a bad thing. Person, services offer clarity unlike any other and can be a blessing in disguise if the company knows how to cash it in properly. Through experienced staff. Even though this is a technique of the past, it stands true to its reliability and does not need any internet services to be executed. Simple.


Customer service is not everyone’s cup of tea. There will be times when people will need to be addressed, helped, and listened to in ways that they will prefer. And having a customer support representative who adheres to their needs is often hard to find. But with different options and venues to work with this, constructing a healthy customer-client relationship is not a daunting task. All you need to do is put in the effort and know the expertise required. 



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