Should You Consider Living Outside Metro Manila?

Are you searching for your dream home? Or perhaps you want a comfortable place to stay every night for all your trouble. Either way, when it comes to finding the perfect house for you, it’s more than just the property itself. It’s also about the location, which can contribute mainly to your lifestyle and comfort with your surroundings.

If you’re staying in Metro Manila right now, then you know it has its fair share of headaches to contend with, even if or perhaps because it is the biggest commercial hub in the Philippines. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, the National Capital Region has a population density of 20,786 people per square kilometer. It begs the question, “is it time to move somewhere just outside the metro?”

Here are some reasons you could start looking elsewhere for your new home (as long as it’s not too far from the commercial district of NCR).

  • Arguably lower home prices

Prices tend to vary quite starkly depending on the area you pick, and that doesn’t even necessarily mean that you will be sacrificing security and any great comfort by choosing a prime location outside of the usual spots. For instance, a one-bedroom studio condo unit in Makati City could net you over 3 million pesos. In contrast, a house for sale in Tanza, Cavite would run around 2 million pesos or even a little less and have more bedrooms and a bigger floor area.

Aside from these, you should also consider the community it brings, as gated neighborhoods can feel safe even though many reputable condos also have security in their lobbies. Factor in your daily commute and monthly dues, and you can see which investment works best for your lifestyle and plans.

  • Decreased traffic

Getting to and from work in the country’s capital has genuinely been a hassle in recent memory, and you may think that it would be counterproductive to come from outside the city centers. However, the advantage of living outside means your travel is a near enough route to work in Manila (if that’s where your work is based). Still, you are not entrapped if you want to go out for recreational activities, like eating at a restaurant or buying house needs.

Developed cities exist outside Metro Manila and are bustling with opportunities. You get the same access to essential goods and education without necessarily having to do the everyday traffic grind of Metro Manila that boasts a whopping 71% congestion level. And when you factor in Friday rush hour, that number bumps up to a staggering 128% congestion.

  • Less air pollution

Metro Manila is ranked as one of the highest in air pollution. That is a worrying statistic for the thousands of commuters who have to wade in that bad air every day. The air quality is so low and is further impeded by other pollutant factors like poor garbage disposal, a lack of greenery and parks in cities, and pollution generated by the commercial district, to name a few. Yet, a little further outside the confines of NCR, reports show fresher air and better ventilation.

Of course, it’s natural to be drawn to life in Metro Manila. It has the most active commercial sector, with job opportunities and different activities to try. However, is it the best place to live in? The Philippines has thousands of islands to offer, and the population could make use of a little distancing.

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