Cisco 100-105 Exam Will Take Your Career to New Heights

There are very few people around the world who are unfamiliar with Cisco. When you talk about the best networking technologies, methods, and solutions, you will certainly come across this well-known name. The companies from around the world need a good and reliable networking solution,this is why most of them seek the Cisco solutions. Since there are so many companies that use Cisco technologies, there is always a need for a professional who can manage those systems. So, if you are a Cisco certified professional, then finding a job will become a lot easier for you.If you are worried about your career coming to a standstill, then the problem lies with the amount of knowledge that you have. The organizations will not want to invest their resources in a person who has limited knowledge, because they need an individual who is versatile and is able to work in multiple situations. In order to lift your career, it is important that you learn new things about your field. If you are interested in networking, Cisco offers a lot of certifications and exams that you can give a go. There are a lot of things that are in store for those who manage to pass this test.

There are many Cisco exams that you can find, and each one focuses on a specific topic. However, here we will discuss the main things about the Cisco 100-105 exam. It has quickly become one of the most popular Cisco tests because of the fact that there are a number of benefits that it brings. This is why you should also consider taking this certification exam.

Exam Details

The Cisco 100-105 exam is going to be easy for anyone who spends enough time preparing for it however if you take it lightly, you will have to suffer from the consequences. In order to prepare well for the ICND1 test, it is important that you know the exam pattern. This is because it will help you plan your approach for the preparation. The 100-105 exam gives the candidates 90 minutes to answer 45-55 questions. Each question is carefully crafted and they are all different from one another. Although some people are able to finish the exam early, it is still significant that you control your time because you will not want to leave any question.

 Exam Topics

The Cisco 100-105 exam covers a wide variety of topics, and you will have to pay attention to all of them. However, each of the topics makes up a certain part of the test, some of them have a lower percentage while others have a higher percentage. The best part is that all of these topics are disclosed, which makes preparing for the exam a bit easier. All you have to do is to give each topic the right amount of time and you will be good to go. The topics are mentioned below:

  • Infrastructure Maintenance (14%)
  • Infrastructure Services (15%)
  • Network Fundamentals (20%)
  • Routing Fundamentals (25%)
  • LAN Switching Fundamentals (26%)

Preparation Process

Preparing for the Cisco 100-105 exam is the important part because if you are too relaxed, then you might not be able to come up with the right approach. First and foremost, you should remember to start preparing for the test as early as possible. If you are taking this exam, then chances are that you are already working in some organizations, which means that you have limited time. This is why it is important to manage your time so that you are able to spend the maximum time studying.

Don’t forget about the practice tests because you will be able to learn a lot from even one of them. However, it is recommended that you take as many practice exams as you can. With the help of these tests, you can understand the nature of the questions that will be asked in the actual 100-105 exam. Besides, these exams allow you to learn where you are currently standing in your progress. To make your preparation process more effective, you can take the PrepAway Exam Test.

There are many study sources that you can find for the 100-105 ICND1 exam but not all of them are so good. You will have to search thoroughly to get the best sources, for this you should consider visiting some online communities. The members there will be able to share with you some of the best study materials and preparation tools that you can use.

Personal Experience

When I took the Cisco 100-105 exam I had to answer 54 questions, there were two simulation questions that contained 4 questions each. Time was not an issue for me because I was able to finish the test an hour earlier however there were a few things that managed to annoy me about the exam. The first thing that seemed to bug me about this Cisco certification test was that there was no option that would let me review the skipped questions later. Another thing that left me scratching my head was that the exam ended as soon as I answered the last question. There wasn’t an option that asked me whether I wanted to end the test or not. However, all in all, the experience was good and I was able to get a good score and earn my CCENT certificate .


These were some of the main things that you should know about the Cisco 100-105 exam. If you are someone who is willing to lift their career to new heights, then passing this test can do the trick. When you are preparing for the ICND1 certification exam, you will be able to learn many new things which will help you in your career. You should try to pass this test on the first try, but don’t fret if you are unable to do so because you can always give it another attempt.

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