Choosing a Gift for the First Birthday


If you have been invited for the celebration of the first important milestone of a friends’ baby? Probably, you are a relative, that is why appearing with a trivial car or doll is not the best idea. That is why we have selected some useful tips for you to choose from when you get ready for the first baby birthday party.

Several Ideas of Baby Gifts

First of all, everything is contingent on the event and venue itself. If parents have decided to throw an elegant party and invite lots of friends and relatives, this is not only the celebration for a child but for parents also. It is better to foresee several gifts that all of them will like. If you can’t find anything head to Personalized by Kate today.

If you are unsure of the size the birthday child wears, you may check the collections of toddler clothes at  In six months or a year, these outfits will fit and a young fashionista will wear them. Here is what can be also suggested:

  1. Inviting the team of animators: If you know that there will be a lot of people at the celebration, especially if many children will be, the team of professional animators will be a gift not only to parents of a birthday child but also to all the parents who will have rest while their kids are interested and busy with the activities of the animation team.

2. A ball pit: This can be a costly gift depending on the size and brand. However, if you know that parents have enough space in their place of residence, this is a good idea for active children. Balls are plastic making them safe for babies.

3. Running bike: It is a great option for active kids who love spending time outdoors. However, be sure that parents will allow such a toy. Sometimes, children are quite fast on such bikes. That is why an adult should be always with a baby to supervise. Besides, this bike can be used for at least several years until a baby reaches the age to get a real one.

4. A gift certificate to babysit a child: This option can be understood as a joke. However, if you add such a card to another gift, make sure that parents understand that you are serious. This is sometimes hard to find time for routines or at least a movie in the cinema. Thanks to such a creative approach, your gift will be remembered. The only thing is if you are ready for such a gift.


5. Various remotely controlled toys: It may sound trivial, however, these are quite costly items that parents may not buy for their child. Birthday is the best occasion to buy and present expensive toys that won’t survive for long. The fact is that children do love such toys and it is probably that this present will be even remembered.

If you think that any of the above suggestions are suitable or have any doubts, share your ideas with the parents. They can help with the choice.


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