Ordinary People Who Have A Celebrity Look Alike

People say there are at least six people in this world who pretty much seem as though you. Wondering how true is this. But if you perceive, there must be at least one person among your friends who has celebrity look alike such as a ton of likenesses with a big name, an identity, or a student of history figure.

Keep on reading to see these 13 ordinary people having celebrity look alike which is even more astonishing and creepy too. From celebrity look alike of shah Rukh Khan’s to  Mahatma Gandhi, here are some ordinary people in India who have a celebrity look alike.

1. Salman Khan Look Alike

Guy who looks alike Salman Khan. He is shorter than already ‘small Salman Khan’.
Difference: Indeed, he did not kill deer & does not have any criminal records.
 celebrity look alike #Salman Khan

2. Rahul Gandhi Look Alike

This businessman who looks alike Rahul Gandhi’s carbon copy same dimple, same grin!
Difference: He is neither from Gandhi’s family nor politician. What’s more unliketo Rahul, he is married.celebrity look alike #Rahul Gandhi

3. Aamir Khan Look Alike

This guy looks like a carbon copy of Aamir Khan.
Difference: He appears to be a bit taller than the real Aamir Khan.
celebrity look alike #Amir Khani

4. Bruce Lee Look Alike

This martial arts guy who got a film role due to his Bruce Lee looks.
He belongs to Chennai and is a double black belt in karate. Also his name is Bruce too. He did a Tamil film called ‘Pudhiya Bruce Lee’.celebrity look alike #Bruce Lee

5. Manmohan Singh Look Alike

This gentleman looks alike and dresses up precisely like Manmohan Singh.
Difference: He is not a politician & he can talk.
celebrity look alike #Manmohan Singhi

6. Virendra Sehwag Look Alike

Look alike of Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag
Can you guess which one is Virendra Sehwag here?
Left or right?celebrity look alike #Sehwag

7. Nana Patekar Look Alike

Nana Patekar: Especially his nose and forehead.
celebrity look alike #Nana Patekar

8. Saif Ali Khan Look Alike

This Indian Oil employee who looks precisely like Saif Ali Khan.
Difference: Only Kareena Kapoor Khan can tell the difference. He simply needs to spruce up like Mr. Khan. That is it!celebrity look alike #Saif Ali Khan

9. Mahatma Gandhi Look Alike

Mahatma Gandhi’s Carbon copy?
celebrity look alike #Mahatma Gandhi

10. Sachin Tendulkar Look Alike

He is not a carbon copy artist but rather he is almost a twin of Sachin Tendulkar.
Sometimes, they used to chill out together.
celebrity look alike #Sachin Tendulkar

11. Albert Einstein Look Alike

Albert Einstein: Can you mark the difference? Take a closer look.
Few people spotted him strolling on a road, some place in India.
celebrity look alike #Albert Einstein

12. Osama Bin Laden Look Alike

This infamous politician who grows bear and spruces up exactly like Osama Bin Laden to win votes.
celebrity look alike #Osambin laden

13. Shah Rukh Khan Look Alike

This guy who is almost look alike to Shah Rukh Khan. On the other hand may be, he is SRK’s twin sibling?
He earns his living by selling samosas in Indore. Will somebody please find him a job in Bollywood?
celebrity look alike #Shahrukh khan

14. Parineeti Chopra Look Alike

Harneet Singh, a Fashion Designing Student from Delhi exactly looks like Bollywood’s superstar, Parineeti Chopra. See the resemblance.
celebrity look alike #Parineeti Chopra

15. Ranbir Kapoor Look Alike

Junaid Shad is a MBA student at Kashmir University looks closely similar too heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor.
celebrity look alike #Ranbeer Kapoor

16. Virat Kohli Look Alike

Virat Kohli and Ahmed Shehzad have unworldly resemblance.
celebrity look alike #virat Kohli

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