CBD Tablets For Senior And Disabled Dogs. A New Light On Possible Pain Relief


Dogs are not just pets; they are integral parts of our families and lives. We care for them and want the best for them. As dogs get older or if they have disabilities, they may be in pain. This pain can be chronic or temporary due to a medical issue. It is a safe assumption to make that as pet owners we are willing to help our dogs in any way possible.

CBD has been gaining national attention for the positive health benefits that people enjoy from using CBD products. Those same benefits also seem to apply to dogs. CannaBiDog is actively using CBD  products geared specifically for this dog population for more information click here.

Why Might My Dog Need CBD?

Older dogs or disabled dogs might be in pain. In fact, they might be in more pain than an average dog. And dogs are not able to tell us they hurt, rather they give us clues in their behavior to let us know that they are hurting.

Your Older Dog Might Be Suffering From Arthritis.

Dogs are susceptible to arthritis in their later years. Certain breeds of dogs are also more likely to suffer from arthritis or hip problems. Just like humans, these joints tend to have wear and tear and inflammation. This is a chronic and painful condition for our dogs.

Dogs Unfortunately Get Cancer

Just like humans, dogs can also get cancer. This is at worst a debilitating disease and at its best it is a painful disease. Most times surgery or chemotherapy are used to treat cancer in dogs, same as with people. Your dog can be in pain from the cancer or as he recovers from surgery. And he can be in pain from both.

How Can The Pain Be Treated?

The pain that your dog endures from any of the above conditions should be treated. We do not want our family members to live in constant pain. Although there are several protocols for pain management, CBD is a great option.

How Does CBD Work In Dogs?

CBD works for dogs the same way it helps humans. It works be affecting the nervous system and binding to pain receptors. This helps to shut off the pain response and increase the feeling of wellness. When your dog is not feeling pain, they feel better.

CBD has also been shown to have beneficial effects on mental state, immune system functions and has anti-inflammatory properties.

How Can I Give My Dog CBD?

You can find CBD in chewable tablets for your dog as well as in a tincture. This allows you to find the way your dog is most comfortable taking the CBD. Taking CBD as recommended is the best way to ensure your dog is managing their pain.


Anytime your dog is in pain, you should see your vet. A proper diagnosis is necessary to make sure your dog is getting the right treatment. A nice feature of CBD is that it can be used in conjunction with other therapies. Be sure to talk to your vet and come up with a care plan that will take the very best of care of your dog.



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