7 Top Causes of Obesity, Symptoms and Prevention Against It

causes of obesity

One of the biggest health problems suffered by most of the people in the world is obesity. It is the complex disorder that results in having an excessive amount of fat in the body. May it is adults or children, this common syndrome is prevalent in everyone. Let’s take a brief overview of knowing the details about Obesity.


Obesity is not just a cosmetic concern, it also leads to many severe health diseases. When you are highly obese, it means that there are higher chances of you to suffer from weight issues as well as health problems related to heart and high blood pressure.

Main Causes Of Obesity

There are several factors to obesity. The main thing about obesity occurring in your body is due to the fact that your body tends to absorb more calories than burning them. Previously, it was kind of myth for the people than causes of obesity is only due to lethargy, overeating and not exercising. Due to all these, there is a lack of power and strength in the body as well as loss of willpower.

Though the above-mentioned factors to some extent are quite true for resulting in an unhealthy lifestyle as per research and doctor’s study, there are other important factors involved for the causes of obesity. We have formulated the top 10 factors that lead to the causes of obesity.

1. Genetical Factor

  • One of the strongest factors leading to the [kkstarratings][kkstarratings] is due to genetics. Children whose parents are suffering from obesity from the long time or who tend to be obese carry forward the same thing in the genes. While on the other hand, the children whose parents are lead and fit are not supposed to get affected through obesity.
  • It is not mandatory that the thing has to be completely predetermined. No! The amount of food that you eat or the food that you involve in your daily diet plans plays a huge role that effects on your genes. This accordingly can be a resultant for one of the leading causes of obesity.
  • If for an instance, it is one of the genes that are obese due to leptin deficiency. Leptin is that hormone that helps in the development and production of fat cells and also helps in controlling the body weight by sending direct signals to the brain. If by any chance, you are lagging behind, the eating control is lost and gradually you tend to be obese. This is one of the genetical factors that lead to the cause of obesity. To control the same, the only treatment that one can go for is leptin replacement.

2. Intake of Engineered Junk Food

causes of obesity

  • Foods that cause obesity are mainly engineered junk food. This means that these are the food which is heavily processed and it has more ingredients mixed with additives that are refined.
  • The products taste to be highly lip-smacking delicacy which is kind of cheap and long lasting. And with passing days, it is kind for hard for the foodies to resist it from eating.
  • Due to this, there is a constant increase in the production of this heavily processed food that results in overeating. This overeating leading to weight gain and becomes one of the leading reasons for obesity.
  • The foods that are high on sugar, fried food, junk food and the ones that have a high energy density that means that food that have much higher calories in nature results to having obesity. That means the food that is high on fats and calories and the intake of it on regular intervals results to become of the leading causes of obesity.

3. Aggressive Marketing of Junk  Food

  • Companies or people who are producing junk food tend to perform aggressive marketing of the products to garner the attention of the people and the foodies to be precise.
  • The techniques that they tend to implement is at time unethical. For example, there try for marketing the food products in the market as the healthy ones which are actually unhealthy. And people who tend to fall into the trap are in taking the ones in larger quantity leading to having the cause of obesity.
  • In the recent study and research, children are much more prone to obesity as they are highly addictive on junk foods long before they understand what is healthy for their body.

4. Insulin

obesity causes

  • One of the most important hormones of the body is insulin. The main functionality of insulin is that it tends to inform the fat cells to hold on to it which helps in the restoration of the energy among other things.
  • When you tend to intake the western diet in your dietary plan, it helps in the promotion of the insulin resistance among the obese people and the ones who are suffering from weight gaining. This results in the upliftment of the insulin level all over your body causing the energy to be absorbed in the fat cells rather than making use of it. This results in one of the biggest causes of obesity.
  • The reason for insulin leading to obesity is quite contradictory. Few research and studies have stated that high insulin levels play a normal role in the development of obesity.
  • One of the best ways to lower down the insulin level in your body is to omit or cut off the intake of refined carbohydrates and increase the intake of fiber.
  • Implementing this method can result in weight loss and reduction in the calorie intake.

5. Leptin Resistance

  • Another hormone that plays a great role in the cause of obesity is leptin. Its basically produced by the fat cells and helps in the increase of the higher fat cells. People who are obese or suffering from obesity are actually high on leptin.
  • People who are healthy and lead a proper lifestyle than to have leptin that is normal and helps in maintaining the proper appetite in the body. It actually sends signals to your brain regarding the maintenance of the fat in the body and how much amount of food should you intake.
  • Obese people suffer from leptin resistance as it is unable to cross the cross blood barrier. It is thus one of the leading factors for the causes of obesity in the human body.

6. Sugar

obesity causes

  • Intake of excess sugar is one of the worst forms of aspect in the modern diet. The reason behind this is that sugar changes the hormones in the body. And thus, it plays a great role in weight gaining.
  • When you tend to intake excess sugar that means it is the resultant of half glucose and half fructose. Basically, the fructose intake gets higher on added sugar. This might result in insulin resistance and uplift the insulin level in the body.
  • For the above-mentioned reasons, added sugar plays a huge role in being one of the leading causes of obesity.

7. Wrong Information Leading To Obesity

  • There are people who are not aware of the proper idea and concept of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The entire thing is dependent on where are people getting the information from.
  • There are certain websites as well as news that tend to spread wrong information about the healing of obesity. And even implementation of wrong research is also done that holds no value.
  • Food companies to tend to provide aggressive marketing that leads to the cause of obesity. People should consult with the doctors or the experienced professionals for getting the right information and the right medication for the prevention of obesity.
  • Certain Intake of Medicines
  • There are certain medicines and medication which results to have side effects and that leads to weight gain.
  • Medicines like anti-depressants or sleeping pills play a huge role in gaining weight over the period of time.
  • These medications do not tend to decrease the rate of willpower but it tends in the increase of appetite and reduction in metabolism.

Symptoms of Obesity and The health risks associated with Obesity  

The risks of your health associated with Obesity are as follows –

  • Depression
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Stroke
  • Heart Diseases
  • Joint Pain
  • Liver Disease
  • Prostrate and Bowel Cancer
  • Breathing Problems
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Varicose veins

People suffering from obesity, are likely to have the above symptoms. There are also other factors that are associated as the symptoms of Obesity which includes high blood sugar level which is the another form of diabetes as well as high triglycerides levels.

How to prevent Obesity from worsening?

  • Involve in weight management programs. Get in touch with the concerned professionals for garner the best diet chart that you should follow every day. Other programs involve counseling, drug therapy and so on. Losing weight and maintaining your lifestyle is one of the most common factors in the prevention of obesity.
  • Another most important factor to prevent obesity is eating and drinking healthy. If you do not have an idea as to what is good for you, consult the experts and get hold of a proper health plan. Stick to it and you will be able to find the results all by yourself.
  • Regular exercising and keeping yourself fit and healthy is another way of preventing yourself from getting obese. Set some 30 days challenge and goals so that you can stick to it. Another way you can keep continuing is getting involved in online challenges or following fitness freaks over social media that gives you another motivation to keep yourself strong and healthy.
  • Medication is part of the weight management program but this should only be taken under the prescription of the certified experts. There are certain medications that are implemented for short-term use only and does not involve such risks.

The Regular Facts About Obesity

  • In simpler words, Obesity means gaining excessive fats in the body. People who are nearly 35 years of age and having a BMI weight of more than 30 are known to suffer from obesity.
  • Obesity is one of the reasons that can lead to numerous forms of cancers.
  • It is one of the most difficult condition to be treated. A person who tends to lose weight, it suffers from obesity, gains nearly five times of the total weight.
  • Though there are different forms of medications and techniques for the treatment of obesity, it is only for a short period of time. If you are willing to control the thing from happening, you have to follow strict diet charts and plans for the prevention of diseases.
  • The chances of performing weight loss can be done if you are under the guidance of professional experts who will be there to train you and provide you with the proper diet chart for a healthier and better living.
  • Dietary changes, getting involved in the different physical activity and certain transformation in the behavior can prove to be an effective form for losing weight. There are even treatments like weight-loss surgery as well as medication prescribed by the doctor for the treatment of obesity.


Obesity is one of the worst factors that you get to suffer. So if you are concerned about your increasing weight, it is better to visit the doctor. If you are facing any of the above factors or following those, we advise you to switch to a healthier plan and keep yourself fit and fine. The main point of the article is to make you understand how important it is to keep yourself strong and healthy. Once you keep following a proper routine and healthy diet, you will gradually not have to worry about the other problems as that won’t come your way at all.


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