Can You Take Your Dog to the Beach? 

Your dog is your best friend. So, when life calls for a beach day, it only makes sense that your dog would come along, too. There’s sunshine, fresh air, and splashing water – what’s not to love? But while it may seem like a great time, it can easily go wrong if you don’t consider a few things before you go.

Choose a Dog-Friendly Beach 

Before you load up the car to head out to the beach, be sure to find one that is dog-friendly. A quick search online for options in your city can let you know just where to go. Take the time to read the rules of the beach, whether online or posted on-site, so that you and your pup can remain safe and enjoy your day together. 

Avoid Hot Sand and Choppy Water 

Two conditions that could lead to some problems are hot sand and choppy water. If you cannot comfortably and continuously stand on the sand without feeling the burn, then it is too hot for your dog. You can either carry your dog to the wet sand, invest in some rubber booties, or try again another day.  

Choppy, rough water can scare your dog – and it can also be tough to swim in and stay above water. If your dog loves to swim, look for calm water and consider a dog life vest.  

Keep Your Dog Cool 

Regardless of being at a beach full of water, you still need to take precautions to ensure that your dog is cool. Just as humans can get overheated and fall victim to things like heatstroke or heat exhaustion, dogs can, too.  

Take lots of fresh drinking water and have a shaded area for your pup to cool down. On really hot days it is a good idea to rest between games of fetch. And always keep an eye out for signs of danger, such as increased panting, lethargic behavior, disorientation, dry or reddened gums, and vomiting. If you notice any of these, leave immediately and find air conditioning so your pup can cool down. Call your vet if symptoms don’t improve.  

Pick Up After Your Dog 

Dogs will inevitably have to go to the bathroom while on their beach excursion. Due to its high level of germs, bacteria, and other pathogens, leaving it behind can be dangerous for the fish, wildlife, and overall environment. Not to mention that no one wants to step on or swim with your dog’s poop.

Be sure to take the initiative and clean up after your dog. 

Rinse Your Dog 

Always rinse your dog when you are done with your day at the beach. Their coat is bound to be full of sand, sea salt, and all sorts of germs that can make them uncomfortable. For those pups who have sensitive skin, it can lead to a lot of irritation.  

Most beaches provide showers at their entrance/exit so that you can rinse off. If this is available at your beach, then take advantage of it. Of course, when you get home a real bath is always a good idea, too.  

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