Why Your Business Needs Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimisation has been Implemented by Google for several years now and has seen a vast amount of success for companies over the last few months. But with several changes needed to be implemented to ensure the success of the mobile edition of your website, it is impossible to get higher rankings with your mobile website. To help you get started, we have compiled a list of some of the reasons why your business needs to be optimized. 

Mobile Search Surpasses Traditional Desktop 

One of the main reasons why your business needs mobile optimization is the gradual shift in search intent. With more of us using mobile devices to search rather than turning on the computer, Google has implemented mobile-first indexing to cater to those businesses that have both a mobile website and a traditional desktop website. With a total of 69% of total searches made on a mobile device, the need for a change in the algorithm to match search intent has meant that Businesses have to utilize on mobile optimization to compete. 

Mobile Optimisation Caters To Younger Age Groups 

In addition to the change in search intent, it is important to note that mobile devices have bought about a younger age group to search engines. With access to information at the touch of a button, your business needs a mobile device in order to cater to a majority of this new-found traffic. This is a process that can take time; however, it is also possible to add responsive design to your desktop site to make it stand out. 

Google Favours Responsive Design 

Another reason to use responsive design is that it is favoured by Googles algorithm. With a website that works across several platforms, you are likely to see higher engagement rates and a much higher Google ranking position. Though this will need to be worked upon, by implementing a coherent colour theme using a website design Essex agency, you can build a website that your audience will actually want to enjoy. Though it can take time to implement these design changes, this can work alongside an SEO campaign to make your business stand out ahead of competitors without having to spend a small fortune.  

Mobile Design Is More Responsive 

In addition to each of the points mentioned above, mobile design is much more responsive. With the ability to link it to Google My Business and Google Maps, there are several ways that your customers can find you. This is a new way of interacting with your customers that could enable businesses to boost sales. In addition to this, mobile design can be linked to different social media campaigns as well as PPC to capitalise on this traffic and improve engagement across several different platforms. Changes can also be implemented with ease as those made to the desktop website can also be made to the mobile addition with ease. 

With this in mind, there are several ways that you can create the perfect website for the mobile edition that can benefit your business and sales in the long term. Which of these will you be doing?

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