Broadening your Romantic Range: Finding Love and Lust Abroad

When it comes to looking for the perfect partner, sometimes when browsing the romantic playing field, the locals of your land can appear to be a little bland. After all, you know their culture and their way of life. You want something a little more enticing, something that wanders into the unknown and leaves you with a lust that can only be satisfied by globe trotting. That is why you just have to take the leap and book your tickets to begin your international travels.

The quest for romance is nigh, you just need to be brave enough to start scoping the global playing field instead of the local playing field. If you are feeling curious about which countries could hold the perfect dating potential, read on and get ready to embark on a voyage that will take you straight into the arms of your dream partner.


Naturally, if we are going to speak about International Dating, we have to start with a country that is practically dripping in romance, lust and passion. That country is Italy

Whilst you may immediately think that you have to woo everyone that you think is attractive, that is certainly not the case. Whilst Romance tends to be extremely open when it comes to Italy, you have to keep yourself aware of the people you meet, especially if you are a woman. As Ilaria Perrone, an Italian Sex Columnist, has stated for an article for “The Cut”:

“Italian men are Romantic, but they are also liars.”

Be careful if you want to engage in a long-term relationship with an Italian man, for they may not be as honest as they first seem to be. However, if you are looking for a quick hookup then you are certainly in luck. Sex is actually more casual in Italy than in other countries, even happening before an official date. This is to the point where you may find that penetrative sex actually happens before oral sex. That is because oral sex is seen as a more serious act of intimacy. That means that it is mainly reserved for when a couple intend to become more serious about their relationship.


An adventure to Thailand can truly present an array of romantic opportunities in the form of love and lust! Once you have finished exploring the ancient heritage, markets, jungles and gorgeous array of temples, then you also may want to take a look at the dating culture that lies within Thailand.

Think of Thailand as a double-sided coin. On one side you have the normal dating scene where you may meet a girl, treat her respectfully, impress her family and take care of her whether you are simply dating or married, but on the other side, you have the Escorting trade where you have beautiful ladies and ladyboys, for example from Absolute Angels Bangkok, who will meet you for a date, take you for a tour around the city and even present you with sexual favours in return for payment.

At the end of the day, your dating ability in Thailand will depend on how much money you have in your pocket. Whilst you will not be entirely judged on how wealthy you are, you will be expected to be able to have enough money to look after your potential partner. Her family will look into this and make sure that you are a good match for her social standing. When it comes to Thai Dating, you have to realise that outside of the tourist party culture, Thai locals are extremely conservative and follow a traditional way of living. A lot of local Thai people do look for dates through Online Dating, however, keep in mind that if you are looking to date in Thailand, most of the women there who are interested in Traditional Dating will want more than just a quick hookup.


According to the answers posted to a question on Quora about dating in Japan, it is clear that no matter whether the person is a local or foreign visitor, if they are interested in getting in on the dating scene, then the end goal of it should be to get married.

With there being a difficulty for Japanese men and women to meet each other outside of high-school, university and work, a lot of them becoming quite isolated and lonely as a result. Outside of the world of virtual dating, where some even pick virtual or game-created girlfriends over the real thing, if you are interested in meeting a real person then you just have to go to a “Goukon”. A Goukon is a group date, where one person invites a few of their of their friends outside. The twist is that all of the people who are invited are single. From there, the guest will invite some of their own single friends. If all goes smoothly then a large group will be formed and they can meet at either a restaurant or pub to have dinner.

With such a varied array of people attending this outing then there is a high chance that you will be able to meet the perfect partner. If the outing continues then it may even end up at a bar or karaoke building. Once that is over then the couples who have started to bond will exchange numbers.

If you are interested in finding love in Japan, and are planning on staying in Japan for quite a while, then this will be the best way for you to meet a large number of people in a short period of time. Once you have met the perfect woman then you are free to meet up in any sort of environment that you choose.

However, be warned that international dating can be quite difficult between Japanese Men/Women and Foreign Men/Women. If you go to Japan, you may see a lot more Japanese Women and Foreign Men together than Japanese Men and Foreign Women. That is because having a foreign boyfriend is actually seen as “cool” and “exotic”, to the point where you may even become just an “accessory” to them. The worst extreme of this is known as “Gaijin Hunter”, a Japanese woman who will do anything to have a foreign boyfriend only to throw him away once they have had a “half” child with him. So always be careful about who you date! Pick someone who you know will genuinely love you for you, rather than your nationality.


If you are looking to take a true trip out abroad, then you may want to consider a trip out to Russia to find your dream date. However, be careful, for Russia has an extremely traditional dating environment and does tend to have extremely stark gender roles in comparison to Europe.

For the men in Russia, you have to keep in mind that Russia has a stern focus on the idea of Male Chivalry. This means that the men will take the role of a strong leader, opening doors for women, helping them off trains and helping them with any “masculine” work, such as a mechanics or electronics. However, in return, women are expected to fulfil feminine duties, such as cooking and cleaning. Whilst not all relationship dating is this strict, it is important to keep in mind that any dates that do happen tend to occur in a structured and orderly environment, such as meeting at each other’s homes or at a partner at a specific time and date.

However, one great thing about Russian women is the diversity of their appearances. One minute you may meeting up with a blonde beauty with large blue eyes, next minute you with meet a Slavic beauty with black hair and small brown eyes. Whilst their appearances may be extremely different, meaning that you can always meet someone that will be up to your standards, their attitudes do tend to be extremely similar due to their similar cultures and family situations. Just keep chivalrous and you will always have the chance to meet your perfect partner!

Your Journey to the heart begins with a single step…

If you are starting to feel the grip of Wanderlust start to take hold of you, and you feel like the only way you could settle down is by discovering a gorgeous international beauty, then take the plunge and book your journey today. Each country will have its own varied cultures and expectations. As long as you can fulfil them then you will always be ready to take the first step into international dating.

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