Biggest House In The World – Luxurious Abode Of The Rich & Famous

biggest house in the world

There’s something awesome about having a little space to sprawl and slump. This certainly won’t be a problem with one of the biggest house in the world. While most of us don’t want anything more than some yard space and a few rooms, these largest house in the world were built to allow for much more airy and spacious pursuits.

Here we have created a list of some of the biggest house in the world, read on to find out how the rich and the famous are living in luxury!

  1. Dracula’s Castle – Romania

biggest house in the world

How can we create a list of the largest house in the world without an actual castle? This beautiful abode located in the countryside of Romania is believed to have been the residence of Count Dracula, and the castle has a museum devoted to the legendary former resident. The 15,000 square feet castle also has an extraordinary collection of fine art and antique furniture. The famed Count might have been a blood sucking monster; nevertheless he evidently had outstanding taste in homes!

  1. Villa Leopolda – Cote D’Azur, France

biggest house in the world

Villa Leopolda, biggest house in the world is includes two guest houses and takes up 20 acres of private, flawlessly manicured gardens. Constructed for a king, and rumored to be presently owned by Bill Gates, Villa Leopolda has private access to one of the most stunning beaches in South of France. With 14 bathrooms, 11 bedrooms and grounds with several olive, lemon and cypress trees, this estate is the ideal holiday retreat for royal families and the super rich. Who would say no to stay in the largest house in the world, surrounded by the loveliness of southern France?

  1. Hearst Mansion in Beverly Hills – US

biggest house in the world

William Randolph Hearst (Newspaper billionaire) built his Beverly Hills mansion, and the biggest house in the world remains fit for a tycoon even to this day. Enclosing 29 bedrooms, 3 swimming pools and six separate residences this mansion is situated in California’s most posh and elite locale. Hearst mansion’s ground spreads over 6 hectares, and the mansion even has its own nightclub. With all these select facilities smeared on a massive home, it is hard to consider that Hearst sold this mansion in 1971.

  1. Fairfield Pond – The Hamptons, USA

biggest house in the world

This extensive abode, located in one of the most elite holiday region in the US, is the biggest housing complex in USA. So what’s largest house in the world like? The house has a personal bowling alley and is believed to have an insanely expensive $150,000 hot tub. Because of the grandeur and size of the house it is usually mistaken for a big hotel! This holiday home has 5 tennis courts and 29 bedrooms. The Hamptons are the summer playing field of rich in America, and Fairfield Pond is the definite emperor of Hampton’s real estate.

  1. The Pinnacle – Montana, US

biggest house in the world

The Pinnacle is an opulent ski lodge, and a huge property in the elite Montana ski resort called as Yellowstone Club. This biggest house in the world boasts many of the lavish features you would expect from such an elite location. It has a vast wine cellar, outdoor and indoor pools, and all bathrooms come with an individual fireplace. Spectacular views over the mountains and the close proximity to some of best ski routes in North America make The Pinnacle a dream home for sport lover’s.

  1. Franchuk Villa – Kensington, UK

biggest house in the world

At present the Franchuk Villa is most expensive house on the planet not only that it is a biggest house in the world. Franchuk Villa is a six story mansion made in Victorian style situated in the highly preferred London neighborhood of Kensington. This home is filled with luxurious and lavish features including a private cinema, basement pool, gyms, and a news room. The house is available for purchase and may well break records for the most posh home in London when the sale is done.

  1. Updown Court – Windlesham, UK

biggest house in the world

The Updown Court property has 103 bedrooms and spreads up to 53 acres. Situated in the Windlesham area of Surrey, this house is filled with amusement facilities like a bowling alley, private cinemas, stables the stable is big enough to accommodate up to 20 horses, and quite a few squash courts as well as tennis courts are also present on the property. The marble driveway of the mansion is big enough for parking eight limousines with additional room to spare. Ideal for the exceptionally well-to-do crowd a home like this is likely to magnetize one and all.

  1. Antilla – Mumbai, India

biggest house in the world

Antilla is also a contender on list of largest house in the world, it is a 27 story family home of Mukesh Ambani, of the world’s 5th richest man. The house has almost everything you can imagine including a helipad, pools, yoga studios, a Hindu temple and bars. Mukesh Ambani is a passionate car fanatic, and total six floors of Antilla are dedicated exclusively to storing his car collection. With a house this huge, a lot of maintenance is also needed. To keep the biggest house in the world in top condition, the Ambani family has employed over 600 staff.

  1. The Penthouse – London, UK

biggest house in the world

Located in London’s elite Knightsbridge and commands views straight over Hyde Park, The Penthouse has numerous security features like a panic room and a bullet proof glass. Other interesting facilities include squash courts, spas and even a wine tasting room. This enormous apartment house broke records for the highest selling worth of a London property, and the facilities, size and location come together to make it all the more exclusive.

  1. The Manor – Los Angeles, USA

biggest house in the world

The Manor is built in French Chateau style, and is the biggest clandestinely owned property in Los Angeles. The house occupies 4.6 acres of private grounds and gardens, and inside the home you will see an astounding 123 rooms. A bowling alley, cinemas, a beauty salon and pools are just some of the facilities of the mansion, and in the grounds there is space for more than 100 cars. Ideal for social gathering and celebrations! The gardens are enormous and uniquely styled, and the home boasts a huge roof terraces and orange garden.


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