Best Ways to Increase Instagram Followers

Increase Instagram Followers

Instagram has become a promising market player in the social media world right now. We have seen many people have moved to this photo-sharing social networking platform from Facebook. This platform is preferable as a mobile app used among the youth population.

However, getting genuine followers on Instagram could be a little difficult when you are a beginner. Some apps and websites promise to give free Instagram followers, although most of them are not that reliable. If you want are looking for a trusted company for gaining followers, you can check Followers Gallery.

You can grow your Instagram account by following some proven ways. In the following, we are covering the seven best ways of getting genuine followers on Instagram. Let’s find out. 

8 Ways To Increase Followers On Instagram

As we mentioned before, you can get real followers on your Instagram by applying some effective methods. These ways will also help you get free Instagram likes and engagement. If you are using Instagram for business or influence marketing, these methods can be very beneficial.

  • Optimize Your Profile

Let’s be honest, nobody likes an ugly looking account. And your Instagram profile can create the best first impression if it is properly optimized. If you are promoting your business and doing personal branding, optimizing could be helpful for both.

To optimize your profile, you need to write a bio. Make sure the bio looks appealing and short. You can add one or two relevant hashtags in the bio section. Next, choose a suitable username and profile picture. You can also add your website’s link on the bio. 

  • Try Followers Gallery

There are some companies that provide free Instagram followers. However, we are not saying all of them are genuine. If you are finding one trusted website, then you can try Followers Gallery. 

This website is popular among Instagram users for providing real followers and likes for free. They also provide Instagram auto liker without login, so your account is secure. You can easily grow your profile with this website.

  • Use Hashtags Wisely

Just like Twitter, hashtags play a key role in Instagram. However, many people still don’t understand the game of hashtags on this photo-sharing platform. In fact, they use some irreverent hashtags for increasing followers.

That’s why you need to choose the hashtags wisely. For example, when you are posting something about an ice-cream, choosing hashtags related to cars is irrelevant. Make sure you are not using too many hashtags. Keep yourself away from fluffy hashtags such as #followforfollow #gainflollowers.

  • Be Consistent With Content

Only optimizing the profile and using suitable hashtags can’t ensure the growth of your Instagram. In a platform like this, we get new updates each day. If you want to promote your business, being consistent is very essential. 

The best way to being consistent is by scheduling your post. You can pick two or three days a week to post content. However, it depends on what are the topic of your content. Many Instagram accounts to post content regularly. Make sure you are not sharing too many posts as it could lead people to unfollow you.

  • Write An Appealing Caption

People love reading a good caption and it can ensure that you are serious about your Instagram growth. So, using only hashtags is not a good idea. People in this photo-sharing social media prefer a detailed caption.

However, it does not mean you have to add fluffy stuff to make the caption lengthy. Plus, you should not write a too long or too short caption. When someone is finding a relevant and attractive caption under a photo, he or she can check your profile. 

  • Use Instagram’s Other Features

Instagram has some amazing features such as stories, IGTV, and Reels. These things can help you increase leads. For example, when someone is searching for quick information, they can check stories and reels.

On the other side, if you want to grab the attention of your audience by video content, IGTV is the ideal option. There are many mini-features on Instagram that you can use as per your requirement.  

  • Remove Unnecessary Tagged Photos

When you are creating a profile on this social networking platform, you will find the ‘Tag’ feature like Facebook. However, you can find people are tagging you in some unnecessary photos. It’s not a bad thing. However, if you are serious about branding yourself or promoting your business, it could be problematic.

You can remove those tags or set up the setting. So, when someone is coming to visit your profile, they are getting a good vibe.

  • Add Call To Action Buttons

Call to action buttons including email, website and phone number are very helpful for multiple purposes. For example, when you are buying a service, you can put the link directly on a call to action. 

It can work quickly and help your profile to grow faster. Many people have gotten more followers after adding call to action buttons. However, it’s not necessary for everyone. 


Instagram is one of the most important social media in today’s world and it has the potential to dominate the world in near future. So, growing your Instagram profile could be very beneficial. 

These are simple yet the best methods you can follow to increase followers on this photo-sharing platform. Make sure you are being consistent while applying this method. However, if you want to get free followers from a reliable website, visit Followers Gallery. This website provides 100% real followers and likes free of cost.


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