Best Minecraft Skins in 2020

Best Minecraft Skins

Minecraft is one of the most popular mobile and PC games in this generation today. Adults and kids alike are drawn to love this game, and there are about hundreds of thousands of players worldwide.

The game is also widely known because of its popular mod such as the Minecraft skins. You can easily download skins and use them on your characters in the game. With skins, you can change your style into something that you want, such as being a music artist, a celebrity, or maybe Superman if you like.

Before we get too excited about how amazing Minecraft skins are, you need to know some of the basics. There are two types of skin mods in the game, which is Character Skins and World Skins. For Character’s Skin, you can change your look in the game, while for World Skins it lets you change the surroundings you are in.

Superhero Skins

One of the best Minecraft skins to get are the Superhero Skins. Whether you are a Marvel or DC fan, Minecraft has the perfect skin for your favourite superhero. But the most popular superhero skin is The Avengers, this is because of the latest MCU movie the Infinity War.

First off the list is the famous villain in the MCU series, Thanos. While many MCU fans are on the Avengers side, some people understood Thanos’ character and point of view in the MCU series. If you want to be Thanos for a day in Minecraft and envision yourself snapping half of the world’s population, this is the skin for you.

Next up is Mr Stark himself, Iron Man. In the game, when you get an Iron Man character skin, your character will say a line that says “I am Iron Man!” in which many people think is cool. Also, this is a great superhero skin to get because you’d get to be a playboy, a billionaire, and a philanthropist in one!

Famous People Skins

When playing Minecraft for the first time, you can only have two options in choosing your character. It can be either Alex or Steve. Even without the skin mods, the two of them are already excellent characters to play with. However, getting skin mods can make playtime even more fun. And who wouldn’t want to be a famous person on Minecraft, right?

Minecraft also features famous people skins, wherein players can get skins from celebrities. First off is the sensational Korean pop star PSY. Dance your way into the game in his famous hit “Gangnam Style” as you surpass all your Minecraft adventures.

If you’re not into K-POP and you’re more into sports, you can get the character skin of Lionel Messi. Messi is undoubtedly one of the greatest players in the world, and it would be fun to have him play your character in Minecraft.

If you loved the MCU series, then you must love to have Stan Lee as your character in Minecraft! The prestigious director and movie maker was the reason behind the MCU series success, and now you can be him in the Minecraft universe.

Similar to famous characters, did you know you can also change into Captain Jack Sparrow, Princess Jasmine from Aladdin, or even Darth Maul in Minecraft? There are also TV and movie character skins that you can get in the game. Fun, isn’t it?


Although Minecraft is still a fantastic game without the mods like the skins, you can always make your Minecraft gaming experience more fun by pretending to be a superhero or a famous person. It’s also fun to collect character skins and change into different skins whenever you open the game.



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