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Many psychologists agree that moving homes can be among the most stressful events that the average person will have to deal with in their lifetime. According to many, it ranks with life events such as losing one’s job, the death of a loved one, or divorce. It’s not difficult to understand why moving is so stressful- especially when it comes to cross-country relocation—you (and often your family will be exposed to a new environment. Anew neighbourhood, new schools, new social structures, even new weather patterns, and having to adjust to the completely unfamiliar as far as shopping is concerned will all play their part in adapting to new surroundings a challenge. 

Logistic add significantly to the stress of moving cross country, planning to pack up your household goods, changing your postal address, finding that new school, and selecting the right cross country moving company can lead to sleepless nights. Good news is that with a bit of forwarding planning and a logical approach, the stress of moving to new pastures can be reduced. Let’s take a look at some tips that will allow you to sleep more soundly in the days leading up to the big move – and allow you peace of mind on the day of the move – and even allow you to look forward to the excitement of a new start.

Make sure that you are getting the best deal when it comes to the cross country moving company that you select. Get at least three quotes. Always remember that cheapest in this instance may not represent the best value for money. You must make sure that the mover that you select is licensed to move goods across state lines and has all the correct insurance cover that will come into play if any of your goods are damaged during the move. If this is not the case, you may be faced with lengthy legal proceedings to try and recoup some of your losses. The right moving company is also extremely important if you have items of special value or that require specialized handling. Examples can include antiques or sensitive I.T. equipment. These sorts of items require special handing – make sure that the mover you select has experience in handling these sorts of loads. 

Firstly let’s look at the packing process. This fills many people with dread, but if you change your mindset, packing can be seen as an opportunity rather than a pain. If you and your family have spent an extended time in your current residence, you have inevitably collected items in your home that are simply gathering dust. A glance into many suburban garages will reveal that this is a common problem (remember that exercise bike?). This is the opportunity to clean the house. Offload those unwanted items at a second-hand shop or donate them to goodwill (you can also sell some of the items online and make a bit of cash that will come in handy during the moving process). Remember – the cost of your cross country move will depend largely on the weight of the goods being transported. 

It’s not only your goods that will be travelling cross country – but you and your family as well. That is obvious, but you can save yourself significant amounts of money with a bit of forwarding planning. Book your airline tickets (if you will be flying) and your hotel accommodation as far in advance as possible. 

It is advisable to take photographs of the goods that are being moved, especially if they are valuable items. Having documentary proof of the condition of the goods before the move will greatly simplify the claims process should any of the goods be damaged. Make sure that any photographs have a time stamp so that there can be no argument when they were taken. 

When you are selecting your cross country mover, ask each of the companies you are evaluating for contactable references, and make use of those. Also, check out online reviews of the company’s services. Avoid falling into the trap of believing the company’s marketing hype – online claims of exceptional service are all too often the products of marketing companies – and in an industry where there is numerous fly by night operators, this is unfortunately all too common.  

If you do not have an entire household’s worth of goods, then you have another option when it comes to moving – hiring a portable moving container. These can allow you to transport your goods to the new location yourself. You can save significant amounts of money by doing this. Another advantage of these containers is that they can double as storage units. This is especially useful for those people who require goods storage before the move and for a short period when they arrive in their location. A little bit of research will reveal that numerous companies offer these containers – and the costs involved with ‘self-drive’ relocation. 

Remember to check the condition of your goods when you are at your destination. Doing so will avoid that dreaded, ‘he said /she said’ and streamline any damage claims.

These are only some of the steps that those facing cross country relocation can take to reduce the pain of the process. Find the right mover, and all will be well. A trusted supplier is the key to making the cross country moving experience pleasant rather than painful.

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