Best 7 Sites to Buy Facebook Likes That Do Not Drop

Getting likes on your Facebook posts is one of the most important markers of success of the social media platform. Because it’s so important, many people choose to spend money on websites that sell likes—as a way to boost their posts.

Since not all websites sell the same services, it’s natural to conclude that some are better than others. If your marketing strategy includes boosting your social media by purchasing likes, you need to know which online vendors to buy from.

Why Buy Facebook Likes?

 Such social media metrics are not merely a number on your content, because they have a real impact on your presence. Here are some benefits you can expect if you buy likes:

  • Increased organic traffic
  • More brand awareness and recognition
  • Steady rise in popularity on Facebook (and other platforms, if your accounts are linked)

The Impact of Likes That Do Not Drop

Don’t assume that all vendors sell the same likes. Some websites use bot accounts which are deactivated quickly, so the likes you purchase are likely to drop. In other words, you’ll need to continue buying more likes to keep up with their drop rate. 

Websites selling high quality likes use authentic accounts that are not likely to be deactivated. They use real people to manually tap on the like button on your content, no bots whatsoever.

Our Choice of Websites To Buy Facebook Likes

After reviewing hundreds of websites that sell social media metrics, the following are out top choices to buy likes for Facebook content. The websites are organized based on price and quality, starting from lower prices to higher prices.So, you can browse the list according to your budget and needs.


Price per 100 likes $0.77-$1.10
Bulk discount available? Yes

As a leader in the social media metrics industry, SocialWick is able to offer surprisingly low prices for non drop likes. Clients have continually reported that their services are top-notch. They use authentic accounts run by real people to provide the likes, so there’s little to no risk of the accounts being deactivated. Also, they offer automatic refills for your convenience.


Price per 100 likes $0.91-$1.30
Bulk discount available? Yes

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use website to buy your Facebook post likes, it doesn’t get any better than SocialGreg. For such an affordable service, they provide high quality permanent likes. We’ve found that they do not use any bots, and customer reviews are very positive. We tested their services with multiple accounts and found that they consistently outperform their rivals with regards to delivery speed. 


Price per 100 likes $2.99
Bulk discount available? Yes

Yet another premium quality source of likes is SubscriberZ. Although slightly higher priced than our top two choices, their services are worth spending the extra money. Their website goes out of their way to ensure their servers are secure, and they guarantee no bot accounts are used. Any and all likes you purchase are 100% permanent until you take down the post or deactivate your account. They also accept payment in various forms for your convenience. 


Price per 100 likes $4.00
Bulk discount available? Yes

If you’re looking for a website that focuses on selling photo likes alone, this is the best option we could find. They’re customer reviews are fairly positive, and we can confirm that the likes we purchased through their website are legitimate and at least semi-permanent. We would have liked the option to buy refills, but overall their service was satisfactory. 


Price per 100 likes $5.60
Bulk discount available? Yes

Next up, this is a website that’s getting a reputation for being a premium provider of Facebook likes. While StormLikes puts a higher price tag for their services, we found that their service is close to the others on this list in terms of quality. They do guarantee non drop likes and we can confirm that the accounts used are genuine.


Price per 100 likes $7.99
Bulk discount available? Yes

Next up, this website offers high quality likes from global users so you can expand your reach. Again, we understand that this service might require a slightly higher budget, but we can confirm that the likes are real and permanent as far as we can tell. 


Price per 100 likes $10
Bulk discount available? Yes

Last but not least, this website is becoming highly popular in the social media metrics industry. For the price markup, you’d be getting likes exclusively from US-sourced accounts. While this is a very targeted approach, some clients seem to prefer it that way. Their drop rate can be considered medium-low, which is enough to put this website on our list.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best?

Our top three choices for websites selling likes are SocialWick, SocialGreg and SubscriberZ. As with every other site on this list, their likes do not come from bots because their drop rates are at low levels. Their services are the only surefire way to get traffic directed towards your content on one of the most popular social media networks and gain brand recognition.

Now that you know which websites to use when boosting your Facebook content, all that’s left is a couple of clicks and a minimal investment. Go ahead and make your purchase today! 

Disclaimer: This article is sponsored.

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