15 Vital Benefits Of Yoga and Meditation

benefits of yoga

Hi again Guys..have you heard the latest news about Baba Ramdev??..Ramdev Baba …yes i am talking about that yoga guru..The international famous yoga guru. Yoga?? What is it? Why he forces people to do it in the morning ?? What is his purpose behind it??..Are there any benefits involved with yoga?? If yes what are these..?? So people today i will tell you lots of benefits of yoga which you should know.

benefits of yoga

So from the last certain number of years we have seen tremendous growth in its popularity. This is because yoga can be easily learned, especially if you’re enrolled in advanced yoga teacher training. So guys get ready today you will get to know so many benefits of yoga that even you yourself would be surprised.

Let us discuss benefits of yoga one by one:

Body Immunity:

When a person practices yoga, yoga does the required changes in the person’s gene expression that will enhance the body immunity at a cellular level. The best part about yoga is does not take long or years to enhance the immunity, it happens when you are on mat.

Reduction in Migraine:

Researches have shown that people who are practicing yoga since three months have reported lesser cycles of migraines compared to other. The cause of migraine is still nott very clear to neuroscientists but Yoga can reduce it to a much greater extent.

Boost sexual Performance:

Scientists have claimed,  If yoga is being practiced for more than 12 weeks than it can enhance the sexual desire, arousal, erection etc. Yoga increases the blood circulation in the genital areas which results in enhanced arousal, erection etc.

Helps in better Sleep:

If you will practice yoga for more than eight weeks than it could help you in  better sleep. Even patients suffering from insomnia have expressed a lot of improvement after started doing yoga .

yoga for better sleep

Makes you Happy:

Research have found out that yoga makes you happy. Its continuous practice improves depression and led to significant increase in Serotonin level and decreases mono-amine oxidase (enzyme responsible for breaking down of neurotransmitter) and cortisol.

Decreases Blood Pressure:

If you are suffering from high blood pressure then yoga ca be of great help in dropping it down. It can decrease both systolic and diastolic blood pressure if practiced regularly and properly.

Stress Relief:

A little time of yoga can release all your stress. It is a great way to deal with the diurnal stress of body and mind. There are various yoga postures and pranayams like kapabhati and anlom vilom which can help you in releasing the stress very easily.

Inner Peace:

This is one of most important asset people are searching for these days. People are looking for peace outside. For this they are spending in lakhs. people go out to different station, join different courses for this. But with only a few hours of daily yoga practice you can get it easily. Try to practice breathing exercise daily you will feel the bliss within yourself.


Increased energy:

We often feel exhausted after a long tire day..right??? With a practice of few minutes we can revitalize our energy and if you practice it in the beginning of your day then you will feel energetic for the day. This is the best formula to keep yourself fresh for the whole day.

Increases Concentration:

One of the most important benefit of yoga is it increases the concentration to manifold. Researchers have proved that kids who are used to doing yoga have increased level reaction time, IQ scores and intelligence level. Also People who practice Transcendental meditation have found with increased ability of problem solving and better recall memory.

Helps keep you drug free:

Yoga practitioners do wonder to you if you practice it daily. Studies have shown that people suffering from diabetes II, high blood pressure, asthma, depression etc has healed themselves from yoga. Yoga can do miracles if practiced regularly.

Better relationships:

You can even share a beautiful bond with your family members and loved ones with the help of yoga. Yoga helps a lot in keeping your mind and body relaxed. It relaxes you from within. A mind which is calm, composed and relaxed can understand sensitive human relationships better which further helps you in keeping a perfect balance between your work and relationships.

Increase drainage of lymph:

When you do your yoga postures, stretches and contracts, do ups and down and in and out yoga postures than it really helps in increasing the drainage of lymph. This aids the lymphatic system to fight against all types of infections as well as it also helps in detoxification of the body.

benefits of yoga

Complete Detoxification:

By moving every joints and organ, yoga aids in supplying blood to all the organs and parts of the body. It helps in completely detoxifying the body by flushing out the waste from the different parts of the body. It helps in delayed ageing, reduced health problems etc.

Being in awareness:

Last but not the least, yoga can helps in being aware of the present moment. Mind is also worried about either present or the past. Yoga can helps you in bringing your awareness to present once again and helps you enjoy the present moment without any past or future worries.

So guys today we discussed about the various benefits of yoga. I hope after reading all these benefits you will definitely start doing it and if already doing then would make it a regular habit. Always you are important for us..Take Care...Happy Yoga!!!♣♣


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