13 Health Benefits Of Drinking Different Types Of Alcohol


Benefits Of Drinking Alcohol

Research conducted by doctors have revealed that drinking certain amount of alcohol whether it is red wine, whiskey or beer is good for controlling health issues such as bad cognition, degeneration, hearing loss, fractures  of the bone, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, digestive ailments, stones in the kidney, gallstones, ulcer,  pancreatic cancer, hepatitis A, liver disease, angina pectoris, artery disease and hypertension. Consuming alcohol also eliminates the chances of heart attacks.

Drinking occasionally will help extending your life by a number of years. Drinking small amounts of alcohol during a meal is the right way to go about things. Now there are many kinds of alcohol available in the market and each of them have their own set of benefits.

Benefits Of Drinking Red Wine:
Benefits Of Drinking Red Wine

1 Low risk of heart attack:

Well it is true as revealed by many doctors that drinking a bit of red wine on a daily basis helps to keep the heart in perfect condition.

2Keeps type 2 diabetes at bay:

Wine apparently has healing properties so it can prevent from developing type 2 diabetes in your body.

3Lower chances of a Stroke:

Studies have revealed that people who drink moderate quantity of alcohol have 50 % chances of never suffering a stroke.

4Healthy eyes:

As a consumer of wine you can expect to have good eyes that are free from cataract.

5No colon cancer:

There is 45% chance of of non development of colon cancer ina person drinking red wine.

It is no secret that wine has a host of antioxidant properties that help in achieving overall good health.

Benefits Of Drinking Whiskey:

6Good for developing strong memory:

Whiskey is said to have antioxidants that enhance the functioning of the brain. Whiskey is known to facilitate healthy blood circulation that results in strong memory.

7Eliminates stress:

When consumed in moderate quantity, whiskey can actually have a soothing effect on the nerves and eventually reducing stress.

8Whiskey helps to treat flu and cold:

It is a fact that whiskey can help cure colds and allergies. People who have itchy throats can consume whiskey in moderate amount. The best results are when a little whiskey is added to a cup of warm water with a dash of lemon.

9Prevents weight gain:

Unlike other types of alcohol whiskey is low in calories and devoid of any cholesterol or fat. So if you are on a restricted diet whiskey should be on your list.

Benefits Of Drinking Beer:

10Healthy kidneys:

Research in Finland has revealed that by drinking beer is good for keeping our kidneys clean. If you drink about a bottle of beer, there is a high chance of not developing stones in the kidney during your life time.

11Low cholesterol level:

Since beer has fibre in it, the LDL level in your body is lowered.

12High Vitamin B in the body:

Consuming beer in a moderate quantity will help in the production of vitamin B. Research in the European continent have shown that people who drink beer have higher levels of B6 vitamins than people who do not drink.

13Prevent colds:

It is a fact that if you drink warm beer, it helps to cure colds and boost immunity. Warm beer facilitates smooth blood circulation. Drinking beer helps to keep joint pains at bay.

So you see that drinking alcohol is not all that bad like you thought. However,  if you drink too much of alcohol, it can affect your health specially the liver. It is always best to drink alcohol in moderate amount than in huge quantities that might abuse your health. You should also never drink alcohol on an empty stomach.

13 Health Benefits Of Drinking Different Types Of Alcohol
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