Basking In the Sun: 10 Fun Facts About Solar Energy

Solar energy currently supports 2% of the global power output. This seems like a negligible contribution to global energy needs. The truth is that the sun is among the most under-utilized natural resources to date.

It is probable that most of your life your main source of energy has been fossil fuels. Perhaps you do not even know the source of your electricity. The fact is that most people do not take the time to understand such seemingly complex issues.

Given the changing climatic conditions and the high rate of depletion of fossil fuels, finding alternatives is inevitable. Solar energy may be human beings’ saving grace in the future.

Read on to find out the facts about solar energy.

Cool and Interesting Fun Facts About Solar Energy

Curious about solar power and how it works? Wondering if it’s a practical way for you to “go green”?

Check out these fun facts about solar energy.

1. Solar is the Most Abundant Source of Energy Globally

The sun is beyond human manipulation. Nature in its wisdom gives enough light and heat each day. This means that there will never be overuse or misuse of solar energy. Your decision to invest in solar will certainly guarantee you an eternity of uninterrupted power.

You will cherish the abundance of solar energy considering that the sun will not be depleted any time soon. While most other sources of energy stand the risk of gradual depletion, the sun will always shine enough for everyone to bask in its abundance.

This is among the important solar energy facts you need to be aware of.

2. Solar is the Cheapest Option Available

Who wouldn’t cherish any dime saved in these harsh economic times? You may be wondering where else to direct your cost-cutting measures. Well, have you considered your monthly power bill? Most Americans spend a considerable chunk of their income on power bills.

Why would you want to incur such losses when the sun is free? You only need $ 1.65 per watt to install a solar panel that is capable of serving you for more than a decade. Now do your math.

Some of the solar panel facts that determine your decision to settle for solar. Solar is the cheapest and most reliable option for your energy needs.

3. More Than One Million New Solar Installations by 2018

The photovoltaic industry will affirm that the last five years have seen an almost ten-fold increase in the number of new solar installations. This means that more Americans are now aware of the benefits that solar energy offers.

If you have been waiting for the right reasons to join the bandwagon then this is your chance. It is estimated that this growth will see the number of subscribers increase over the next decade with impressive numbers. The statistics underscore the general acceptability of solar in the United States.

4. No Fear of Interruptions and Outages

Have you been in a blackout situation without any pre-arranged intervention? We all have at some point. This is a rather common occurrence whenever outages occur.

The bad news is that most of the traditional sources of energy will always succumb to outages.

The good news is that with solar you have no reason to worry about outages. You may wonder what happens during winter. Most solar companies have a power storage feature that stores excess power for weeks.

You will face no more frustrations due to power outages as welcoming the new solar solution.

5. Safety is a Guarantee

There are minimal or zero cases of safety hazards when considering solar energy. The production and distribution of this power are quite safe when compared to other sources. Solar energy does not lead to explosions or rapid fires.

The power distribution channels used in the solar powering process are made of silicon, which rarely leaks toxins. In comparison to most other options, having a solar panel guarantees your safety.

6. Multiple Manufacturers of Solar Panels

Unlike in the past, today there are multiple solar panels manufacturers. You can access this source of energy anywhere at any time due to the general advancement in solar technology. Today, solar experts are all over making the installation process easy and affordable.

ECO Roof & Solar is among such experts in solar installation and maintenance.

7. Near -Zero Maintenance and Running Costs

The number of times you call an electrician over to your home for varying repair and maintenance purposes is uncountable. You will realize that these recurrent repair costs can have a major implication on your finances. Why would you want to suffer as much if you can consider the option of using solar energy?

Solar power installation and maintenance has zero running parts. The observation means that you may only need to incur the initial installation costs. This is an interesting fact because unlike most other options, there are limited or near-zero repair and maintenance costs when dealing with solar energy.

8. If You Wish to Go Green, Then Solar Energy Will Satisfy This Desire

A lot is out there about climate change. You must have noted with concern the devastating effects of this emerging phenomenon across the globe. You may be an accomplice to this devastation as long as you rely on fossil fuels for energy and power.

One interesting fact about solar energy is that it guarantees you utmost safety to the environment given that it does not produce any emissions. If you are keen on going green, then adopting the use of solar energy may be a good place to begin.

9. Solar Energy Is Not Susceptible to Geographical Barriers

Most of the electric connections near you are possible due to extensive wiring and cabling. These connections may be impossible in cases where there are geographical barriers such as mountains and hilly terrains. The distribution of power in such terrains may be a major challenge.

With solar energy, you do not need to worry about the geographical terrain in the distribution of power. The sun is directly overhead, which makes this source of energy easily accessible.

10. Solar Energy Being Renewable Is Among the Key Facts About Solar Energy

Renewable sources of energy are the future of America. The sun is among the naturally occurring sources of energy. This means that the sun is able to replenish over time without depletion.

You will appreciate a source of energy that is capable of replenishing process without affecting the environment.

These Facts About Solar Energy Will Change Your Thinking

The notion has often been that solar energy is unable to power American households and industries. However, as more Americans begin to appreciate the contribution of solar energy this notion will change. These facts about solar energy will help you make a better decision on your future energy options.

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