Awkward Positions Of Sleeping Couples!

Circumstances that may or may not have happened to the most of us.

1. This position shows the love for each other in a relationship.

Awkward Positions Of Sleeping Couples-1


2. This is why women live longer than men.Awkward Positions Of Sleeping Couples-2


3. An alternative form of revenge: the boa constrictor.Awkward Positions Of Sleeping Couples-3


4. This one seems a bit sad and disconnected for couples.Awkward Positions Of Sleeping Couples-4


5. Most of the newly married couples sleep this way.Awkward Positions Of Sleeping Couples-5


6. MAYBE BURY YOUR LOVER’S BONES AS WELL…Awkward Positions Of Sleeping Couples-6


7. Maybe not that awkward if you’re both into exhibitionism?
Awkward Positions Of Sleeping Couples-7

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