Birds, Sea Animals, and Animals That Start With X

Planning to play name place animal things and don’t know animals that start with x? Well, I have you covered. Today I am going to introduce you to animal names that you have never heard of. These wild animals that start with X are so remote that their names don’t feature on your memory list.

For most of us, naming animals that have names starting with ‘a’ or ‘b’  or ‘j’ will be simple and quick. But some alphabets can put you in a trap.

The surprising part is that there are many animals that start with x. To name a few of them, there is Xantu’s Hummingbird, Xantus Murrelet, and so on. So clearly, there exist several animals whose names start with this alphabet.

Animals That Start With X

Let us begin by looking at animals that start with the letter X:

Xalda Sheep

This animal has been in existence since the 27th century BC. As might be obvious from its name, this sheep’s native place is Spain.

The Xalda sheep also happens to be one of the most ancient breeds of sheep that have been in existence.

Like most other breeds of sheep, this breed has also contributed immensely to raw materials used to make clothes for human beings.

Sadly enough, this breed of sheep is now faced with the possibility of extinction. This is because of the depletion of its natural habitat.

Hence, while they are alarmingly low in number right now, they might be extinct in another decade if humankind continues to ruin natural habitats.

Animals That Start With X

Xantus’ Swimming Crab

This is one of the rarest animals that start with x, which you can find primarily in Mexico. You can find it along seashores from Topolobampo to Santa Barbara. They are usually as small as 3 inches or even shorter sometimes.

One salient physiological feature of this crab is the presence of long, sharp spines along the sides of its body. There is also the presence of a noticeable spine on each of its claws. This crab can walk along sandy paths and swim in the water. Hence, it is almost impossible to catch these crabs.

An eccentric fact about this breed is that it prefers to stay deep, almost 600 ft below the ground surface. Also, its unique color is the easiest way to identify and recognize this breed. They are usually grey in color but sometimes, you can spot red, purple or white markings along the grey.

Xanthippe’s Shrew

This animal is fundamentally a mole that resembles a rodent very closely. It is native to Kenya, Tanzania and Eastern Africa. These are omnivorous in terms of their food habit. They feed on plants as well as small insects and worms. These exotic animals that start with x are also known to relish snails. You might be surprised to know that these are mammals and belongs to the family of Soricidae.

Xestochilus Nebulosus

Since this is a breed of snake, the first and foremost piece of information you must have is that this snake is completely harmless to humans. It is usually 45-50 cm long and is only found in the seas of the Indo-Pacific. It is also known as the nebulous snake eel.

They usually prefer to live in habitats that are covered and secluded underwater. For instance, they prefer to live on sandy ocean floors shrouded by weeds.


It is a specific breed of Mexican hairless dog making it native to Mexico. It is also called the Xolo or the Mexican hairless in short.

Xoloitzcuintli is one of the most ancient dog breeds in the world. Another interesting fact about this breed of hairless dogs is that it is found in three different sizes, i.e., miniature, intermediate and standard.

Not only is this breed a loving companion, but it is also the perfect watchdog. Extremely vigilant and protective, this dog can be trained to guard an entire house from danger.

Though known as hairless, this breed has a short layer. You will find dogs of this breed in various colors, ranging from black to grey-black to slate to bronze. Of course, dogs of this breed are usually found in darker shades.

So, now you have the list of some of the most common animals that start with the letter X.

Animals That Start With X

Birds That Start With The Letter X

Now that you know some animals that start with the letter X, let us read about some birds as well. So, here is a list of birds whose names start with the letter X:


These birds are usually found in the rainforests of Southern and Central Africa. They feed on insects found along barks and crevices of trees. This species of bird is dangerously close to extinction. We say this because we currently have only 3 of these birds on the planet’s surface.

These birds were found in Florida and Mexico when they were not on the verge of extinction. We tend to overlook their species because of their tiny size and almost sand-like color.

It is usually only when you see a picture of this bird that you realize you have seen it somewhere or the other. One of the easiest ways to recognize these birds is by their long tails and miniature size.

Birds That Start With X

Xinjiang Ground Jay

This bird is also known as Biddulph’s Ground Jay. They are native to the Northwestern part of China, especially the region known as Xinjiang. This region is dotted with mountains and deserts all along.

Another amazing fact about this bird is that it belongs to the family of Corvidae. It is tiny, not larger than an adult human’s palm. It also has a coat of brownish-white feathers which makes it easily recognizable.

Due to the high threat level towards this bird’s habitat, it has been declared as near-threatened. As you can see, sadly, we humans are responsible for the depletion of these animals and birds we have been discussing so far.


Xavier’s Greenbul

The scientific name of this bird is Phyllastrephus Xavier. It belongs to a bulbul family that is known as Pycnonotidae. It is native to Central Africa, especially the tropical and sub-tropical moist lowlands.

They also live in tropical and sub-tropical dry forests. A few places in Central Africa where you can specifically find these birds are Cameroon, Uganda and Equatorial Guinea.

The best part about the bird is its beautifully colored body. It has a rufous tail along with an olive-green colored back. It looks very similar to Iceterine Greenbuls. The Xavier’s Greenbul is usually found in small flocks and tends to mix with Iceterine Greenbuls flocks as well.


Many call Xeme, Sabine’s gull or fork-tailed gull. It fins on every small prey it finds suited to its taste buds. It is most easily recognizable because of its unique and striking wing patterns.

The wings have black-colored primary feathers and white-colored secondary feathers. As a result, the wings look sharp and structured and have a pattern that almost seems like it’s sketched.

A juvenile bird usually takes up to two years to bloom into an adult xeme. This breed of bird is usually found across North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

You cannot miss spotting a xeme in the Greenland parts of Canada, Colombia, Peru and Namibia. These birds mostly like to spend their time in the sea. They usually hang out in large flocks and feed from the ocean itself.

Xantus Hummingbird

This is a moderate or medium-sized breed of bird that is mostly found in Baja, California. These birds are usually 3-3.5 inches in length. On attaining maturity, this bird usually weighs around 3-4 grams. Many of you would be surprised to know that this bird was named after a renowned zoologist, John Xantus de Vesey.

The most noticeable colors on this bird’s body are green and red or rather reddish brown. Its back and upper parts are almost completely green in color. However, the tail is usually reddish-brown and has a black tip.

These birds are usually herbivores and feed on the nectar of flowers and flowering trees. These birds usually reside along open bushy forests and scrublands in arable regions. Like most other hummingbirds, these are also extremely dextrous and precise about flying.

They rarely ever succumb to airplanes simply because of their sharp wing beats. Fortunately, there is still enough of this species in the world right now. Places with high density inhabit these birds.

Xantus Hummingbird

Sea animals that start with X

Apart from birds and animals, there are also some fish whose names also start with the letter X. So, here is a list of some such sea animals or fish:

X-ray Tetra

X-ray Tetra also called x-ray fish, its most unique physiological feature is its translucent body. Because of its translucent body, you can easily spot its backbone when it swims.

This fish mostly choose the bottom of the sea as its natural habitat. Due to the extremely tiny size of this fish, it usually chooses to be in large schools. This ensures the safety of the entire school of fish. You will find these fishes in Amazon, Orinoco basins and Guyana.

The fish survives in alkaline and acidic waters. These fishes feed on various insects. Some of these include plankton and worms. More than hunting, big fishes hunt on these ones. Animals that hunt this fish the most include larger predator fish, frogs and snakes.

Sea animals that start with X

Xingu Corydoras

Xingu Corydoras are tiny fishes that grows up to the length of 1,5 inches in length. It tends to tilt its eyes frequently, making it seem like it’s blinking.

While they can easily swim and breathe in water, these fish also need a fresh gulp of air from time to time. This is because they have a vascularized intestine that facilitates oxygen uptake. Thus, if you plan to keep this fish in the aquarium, ensure you do not fill the aquarium to the very top. Instead, keep a significant upper portion completely free.

They prefer inhabiting water whose pH level ranges from 6-8. Also, the ideal temperature of the water ranges from 72 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit.

Xantic Sargo

Xantic Sargo scientific name is Anisotremus davidsonii. Native to the eastern pacific ocean, you will find this fish from Santa Cruz (California) to Baja California (Mexico). They are most noticeable because of their large, pouty lips. These birds usually spend the daytime hanging out over the reefs, looking almost dead in their relaxed, immobile state. They also prefer to exist in schools for their protection and safety.

They have flat teeth plates which tend to produce a grunting sound. So, these sea animals also go by the name grunts. Another amusing piece of information is that these fishes go by the term sweetlips because of their large, pouty mouths or lips.

Xingu Corydoras

Final thoughts

Now that you have all the information you need about animals, birds, and fish whose names start with X, take a look at their pictures. If you are adventurous enough, you can plan trips to help you spot multiple of the safe species we have enlisted for you above.

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