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In many provinces across the country, there are various companies that work with the utility department to provide homes with direct energy. This can include natural gas and electricity provided by a private company. One such company is Regional Energy, which provides electricity and natural gas at highly competitive rates. Situated in Alberta, Regional Energy provides its customers with one of the best services the Alberta market has to offer, and their rates are highly competitive with that of their counterparts. To know more in detail about the services provided by Regional Energy, visit their website,

When looking to buy utilities from a private company, the options you have to choose from will depend mainly upon the region you live in and the companies operating in that particular area. It also depends on your region, which kind of bill you receive. Some regions will have bills that directly come from the utility and mention the energy provider as a supplier. Some regions, however, have bills that are generated by the energy providers. 

Modern Day Energy Buying: 

There was once a time when residents had no choice about the energy provider they chose. There was one utility provider, and no matter what they charged or how they conducted their business, no one had a chance to choose an alternative since there was none. In the modern world, however, there are numerous options available. If you are unhappy with the service provided by your utility or a specific energy provider, you have the choice to shift from one to the other. 

This also promotes healthy competition amongst the energy providing companies and helps keep a check on their rates and services. It is also important to discuss why these competitive rates are important and the benefits they provide to not only residents of an area but also the business operating in that area. Energy consumption is responsible for about 30 percent or more for the expenses an individual or business has to face annually. When looked at it from this perspective, if a company is spending a total of $1000 per month, they will be spending $300 just on electricity and natural gas—having the opportunity to choose from a list of suppliers all offering a range of competitive pricing and various plans to suit the differing needs of their customer base.

However, at times having too many options can also be a challenge, and deciding which supplier to use might become difficult for an individual. In such cases, few steps can be followed to ensure making the correct choice for your business. 

How to Evaluate Your Business

Edmonton One of the most important steps is to know your business’ requirements before making an energy plan purchase. When presented with a wide range of options for electricity plans, decide what is more important to your business, and choose accordingly. Below are a few points to help you reach the right decision for yourself. 

  • What kind of energy does your business need: the first and most important question to be answered in the form of energy required by your business to operate? This will vary depending upon the nature of a business and the functions being carried out. For example, a bakery will need to consume a much higher amount of natural gas than a data firm whose operations depend mainly upon running their computers using the electricity they buy. 
  • Know the history of your usage: the history of usage of your company will be one of the main factors to help you determine which kind of energy and how much of it does your company consumes. Many energy providers will offer a discounted rate in order to gain a large client. In such cases, companies often have contracts for a fixed amount of electricity or gas they predict to consume in a period. If, however, that limit exceeds, they might be charged at a higher rate. Therefore, it is important to know your history of usage and predict accordingly how much energy your company will be consuming during a period of time. 
  • Know the amount of risk you are willing to take: companies often buy more energy than they need to avoid paying a higher price for the extra units they might consume. This helps save them profits in the long run. However, when a company is unwilling to take that chance, they have to go through the proper risk management and evaluate how much risk they are willing to take. This includes evaluating how much they are willing to spend on the market price of the energy if their usage exceeds the set limits. It also means to evaluate how much of their money they are willing to bind in a contract and over what period of time. Factors such as an expansion in the business or the closing of a particular department can have an effect on the energy consumption of a business and can have an effect on the cost of energy for that business. 
  • Know your objectives: this simply means evaluating the most important aspects of your business when energy consumption is in question. Along with the risk analysis that a company conducts, it is important to decide what your business’ priorities are when energy buying is considered. For example:
  • Is it important for your company to maintain a stable price?
  • Is your company’s objective to stay on a fixed budget?
  • Is your company trying to achieve the lowest possible price?

Knowing the objectives which your company aims to work towards will help reach a decision about the type of energy plan you want to choose for your company. It is also helpful to remember that suppliers will help you achieve a desirable plan according to your energy needs. Remembering that suppliers want to gain customers and communicating effectively to them about your particular needs will help you reach a desirable plan suiting your needs and budget. 

How Much Time are You Willing to Invest in the Process: 

Most business owners are extremely short on time, especially when they are establishing a new business. Thus many owners choose not to spend a large amount of time on the decision-making process of what energy plan they choose to buy and the logistics that go into the whole process. However, it is important for business owners to realize the importance of this process and the amount of money they can save by investing some time in the process. 

A business owner will spend, on average, 20 percent of their budget or more on the energy their business consumes. If they don’t invest the proper amount of time in deciding and drawing up a suitable plan for their business’ energy consumption needs, the number can increase up to 30-40 percent due to wastage of resources and energy. 

How Does Your Decision Affect Your Business? 

The energy markets can be extremely unpredictable, and this can, in turn, make managing the energy and optimizing a purchase quite challenging. However, many businesses are making the decision to go into fixed price long term contracts with energy companies to save themselves from the unpredictable fluctuation in the energy prices. Many owners are not only thinking of saving on purchasing energy consumption for today but also for the future. 

However, the best strategy is to keep yourself in a spot where you can act quickly to make changes according to the shifts in the energy market, and thus, in turn, protect yourself from being volatile. Few points to remember are: 

  • Setting targets and getting them approved by your internal management. 
  • Make a plan which includes various sorts of market surprises to save yourself from unpredictable situations. 
  • It also benefits a company to develop a purchasing plan with their supplier.
  • Looking at long term plans instead of a short term can help companies predict their energy needs much better. 

What to look for in a supplier

Finally, when choosing a supplier, it is important to be aware of a few key points that you need to look for. It is also important to make sure you have conducted adequate research in order to be sure about your final decision. Since energy supply companies are aware of the importance of gaining the trust and business from a company and the financial benefit they have by making a large organization a customer, they will often offer the widest range of energy supply plans. This gives the company the option to be the decision-maker, and if the company is smart about the decision, they can have extremely efficient operations. 

Another factor to consider can be the carbon footprint and the use of renewable energy. With the awareness about pollution and the effects of energy consumption rising, a lot of individuals now prefer to purchase or do business with companies who are conscious about the effect they have on the environment. Thus if the Calgary option is available to a company choosing an energy provider that values these opinions can be a plus point for the company. 

 Putting in effort and time in the initial stages of choosing a supplier will ensure a long and healthy relationship with your supplier. It will also enable you to save a large amount of your profit by being efficient and sensibly making the correct choice.


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