Aamir Khan Released The Poster For His Next Film “Dangal” And Twitter Can’t Stop Joking About It

Aamir Khan lately released the poster of his upcoming movie Dangal, which turns out in December, 2016.Upcoming Movie-Dangal-1
Many people were impressed by the poster’s offbeat design.Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-1
But certainly, Twitter, being Twitter, clearly had to joke about it.Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-2

From jokes…Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-3

To ridiculing Aamir Khan’s tendency to cry at everything…Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-4

To making connections with Doctor Who…Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-5

His dedication to method acting…Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-6

His ears…Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-7

Speculative jokes…Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-8

The poster’s resemblance with iconic Bollywood moments of years past…Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-9

More Puns..Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-10

Even more puns…Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-11

Furthermore, simply random nonsense…Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-12

People have been having a field day with this.Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-13

And the movie’s over a year away from releasing.Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-14

Sorry Amir…Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-15Also, check out the list of Upcoming Bollywood Movies 2015

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