Aamir Khan Released The Poster For His Next Film “Dangal” And Twitter Can’t Stop Joking About It

Upcoming Movie-Dangal-featured

Aamir Khan lately released the poster of his upcoming movie Dangal, which turns out in December, 2016.Upcoming Movie-Dangal-1
Many people were impressed by the poster’s offbeat design.Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-1
But certainly, Twitter, being Twitter, clearly had to joke about it.Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-2

From jokes…Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-3

To ridiculing Aamir Khan’s tendency to cry at everything…Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-4

To making connections with Doctor Who…Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-5

His dedication to method acting…Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-6

His ears…Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-7

Speculative jokes…Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-8

The poster’s resemblance with iconic Bollywood moments of years past…Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-9

More Puns..Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-10

Even more puns…Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-11

Furthermore, simply random nonsense…Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-12

People have been having a field day with this.Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-13

And the movie’s over a year away from releasing.Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-14

Sorry Amir…Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-15Also, check out the list of Upcoming Bollywood Movies 2015


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