A Look At The Benefits Of Powered Wheelchairs

Senior citizens who lose their mobility for some reason or those unfortunate ones who must live with disabilities from a much younger age that hinder their movements must depend on Disability Friendly assistive mobility devices to enable them to move around. The freedom of movement is too much for people to compromise with. There are various kinds of mobility aids from walking sticks to crutches and wheelchairs that restore mobility in people who suffer from disabilities.

Powered Wheelchairs

In addition to ensuring freedom of movement, people who want to move around on their own despite their limited mobility find wheelchairs most convenient. It allows the users to sit comfortably while enjoying a ride on the two-wheeled device. Wheelchairs are incredibly beneficial in accessing the elusive lifestyle by regaining much of the lost mobility. Wheelchairs bring about a positive attitude among disabled people who enjoy the independence of moving around.

Manual Or Powered Wheelchair?

When it comes to choosing wheelchairs, the choice is primarily between manual and powered wheelchairs, and there is an option of selecting foldable wheelchairs too. Manual wheelchairs need physical strength to drive it around or the assistance of another person to push it through some distance. If you are not strong enough to steer the device around, you would need the aid of some other person. In a way, manual wheelchairs do not make you completely independent in moving around.

On the other hand, powered wheelchairs, also called electric wheelchairs, are battery-driven devices that are more comfortable and convenient to use. By pressing a few buttons, you can drive the device like a car without any help from other people. You are entirely independent and can cover long distances without feeling any stress, which is not possible with manual wheelchairs.

Your health condition and longing for independent movement are factors that influence the choice of wheelchairs, and there is also the question of affordability. The extent of use and whether used indoor or outdoor are also factors to consider. The basic version of manual wheelchairs is highly affordable, but powered wheelchairs are expensive, and the price goes up if you choose more features that use advanced technology.

However, the benefits of powered wheelchairs are much more. The choice depends on how you want to use the device and to what extent.

  1. Enjoy The Independence

Leading a sedentary lifestyle can be very bad for health. But people with disabilities who are unable to move around often remain so much confined within homes that they cannot help but choose a sedentary lifestyle. The fear of staying isolated due to restricted movement can hit people very hard, especially those who love socializing. All such limitations can be addressed by using powered wheelchairs. It gives disabled people the opportunity of enjoying independent living as they can use the device to go places all by themselves. Having a powered wheelchair helps people to venture on outdoor trips that increase social mixing and encourage them to enjoy life once again.

  1. Rest While You Move

When you sit in an electric wheelchair, you need not worry about moving around because you have the liberty of moving around anytime you wish without seeking any assistance. Moreover, you can relax on the seat and recline as the device starts moving on pressing a button. There are also other controls near at hand that you can use for steering and navigation. Moving around on a powered wheelchair is just like making a wish, and seeing it translate into reality immediately, so much is the convenience.  If you have limited arm movement or do not have strong arms but want to enjoy the independence of moving around on your own, then an electric wheelchair is your only option.

  1. Play With Joysticks

The convenience of users is the first consideration when designing powered wheelchairs that is evident from the ease of using the controls. Some models of powered wheelchairs have a joystick provided on the armrest for controlling the movement and changing directions, and there are keypads for speed control. The keypad has some other control features, too, like it can control the angle of recline. Those who are not even able to use joystick and keypads can fit other controllers located conveniently like fitting controllers on the headrest for head control, controller near the chin for chin control, and so on.

  1. Easy Maneuverability

Maneuvering powered wheelchairs is easier than manual wheelchairs and it is possible to navigate through tight corners because of the tighter turning circle or smaller turning radius of the wheels.  Users get more options to negotiate with obstacles with confidence, and they enjoy greater freedom in movement as even narrow pathways and small areas become easily accessible.

  1. Great For Outdoor Use

Moving around the home does give some pleasure, but more enjoyable are outdoor trips for which powered wheelchairs are the best choice. These wheelchair designs are suitable for traveling through rough and rugged terrains as its wheels and motor designs suit the conditions. All powered wheelchairs are not the same. You must specifically choose a wheelchair with larger tires and a high-powered motor that makes its fit for all types of outdoor conditions.  The suspension ensures a smoother ride than manual wheelchairs.

Moreover, you can use powered wheelchairs in areas where you have to go up against some incline or hillock that manual wheelchairs cannot cope with. The wheelchair design ensures that there is no possibility of rolling back when going up an incline.

  1. Adjust The Height

Comfort of sitting makes a lot of difference in using wheelchairs. Although all wheelchair designs ensure comfortable sitting, the degree of comfort can vary depending on individual needs. The height of the seat is a factor that determines comfort, and having the option of adjusting the seat height in powered wheelchairs is a great advantage. By pressing a button, users can raise or lower the seat to fix it at the most appropriate height that makes you feel most comfortable.

Powered wheelchairs keep your body in the most relaxed position as you need not exert any pressure on the device to make it work.

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