A Comparison Between Analog & Digital Watches

All types of watches can be classified into 2 main categories: analog and digital watches. The main difference between these two is their display mechanism. Analog watches indicate time through hour, minute, and second hands that point to numbers on the watch’s dial. On the other hand, digital watches indicate time by displaying it using digits.

In this article, we are going to talk about the pros and cons of analog and digital watches. We will also include a few factors you need to consider when choosing between an analog and a digital watch. Let us start with analog watches.

Analog Watches

Analog watches use a mechanical structure composed of a dial and moving hands to tell time. The hands will normally include an hour hand and a minute hand but some have seconds hands. They have a face that looks like a miniature clock that displays time in a 12-hour format.

Most analog timepieces have traditional numbers and Roman numerals. They also have marks that display the 60 minutes in one hour. While digital watches often include additional features, there are also upgraded functions that analog watches have.

Analog watches either use a quartz, mechanical, or automatic movement but most have quartz movements that are battery-powered. If you choose a quartz analog watch, you should know how to replace a watch battery.

Unlike digital watches, analog watches are more traditional. In fact, you can find analog watches in various styles and prices. If you are fond of classic accessories, analog watches might be your best pick. They are also ideal for events that require more formal attire.


  • More antique and classic appeal
  • They have a minimalistic design
  • More design varieties compared to digital watches
  • Made of harder materials so they are more durable compared to digital watches
  • They are suitable for any type of event


  • They usually more expensive compared to digital timepieces
  • Some old watches do not have a lighting system, making it difficult to read time at night
  • They do not offer many complications and functions such as calendars and smart timers that you can easily find in digital watches
  • They are not as precise as digital watches

Digital Watches

For digital watches, they use electronic structures like liquid crystals and LEDs to indicate time. They display time using numbers, unlike analog watches that display time on a dial. The digital side of digital watches refers to how the watch displays time, not how it is powered. Although most digital timepieces are electronically-driven, there are also some that are driven mechanically.

One of the advantages of digital watches is that they come in a wide variety of awesome features. These include GPS, calculators, alarms, stopwatches, and calendars. They also give highly precise time which makes them great for individuals who are into sports.

If you want a cool watch that you can use daily, digital watches would be the best ones for you. But, we do not recommend using them on formal events because of their casual design.


  • Their exceptional precision is perfect for athletes
  • They are easier to read
  • Cost-effective compared to analog watches
  • Some digital watches are solar-powered so you do not need to worry about battery replacements
  • They come with a wide variety of additional features
  • They provide complex information such as hundredths of seconds and milliseconds


  • They are less fancy and less resistant because they are made from plastic materials
  • They are not accepted by most and have smaller target audiences compared to analog watches
  • Their casual appearance is not ideal for formals events

3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Between an Analog or a Digital Watch

There are 3 main factors you need to take note of when selecting between an analog and a digital watch. But, do know that these factors are connected with your personal preferences.

#1 Style

Since both analog and digital watches come in various designs and styles, you need to decide which style suits you best.

#2 Settings

Digital watches are easier to set because they have more buttons compared to analog watches. But, make sure that you read your watch’s manual properly. This can help in extending the battery life of your watch. On the other hand, most analog timepieces are also equipped with buttons on their side so that you can accurately set them.

#3 Readability

Analog watches have displays that look like sundials and are the oldest forms of watches. But, not all can easily read the time on an analog watch. Digital watches make timekeeping easier because they use numbers instead of hands.


The decision on whether you are going to choose an analog or a digital watch will always depend on your personal preferences. Choose the one that best fits your fashion and style to better reflect your personality. If you are having a hard time choosing the right watch for you, you can read on how to pick the best watch for your personality. Lastly, always consider the watch’s style, setting, and readability when picking one.

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