7 Methods to Change Your Location on Mac


Even if you are an ordinary user, you probably are aware that you will have various results while browsing websites on your Mac. Everything will depend on your location.

What if you want to watch Netflix TV series or access an online shop but this content is restricted for you? Let’s consider helpful ways of changing your location on Mac and unblocking any desired sites.

Make Use of the VPN App

There is no doubt that one of the best methods to change location is using a virtual private network. The good news is that users possess the possibility to find even a free VPN. There is no need to be an IT specialist since the application is easy to use.

Among all virtual private network providers, VeePN stands out from its competitors and undoubtedly deserves your consideration. It will take several clicks to download this application so you can take advantage of its services in a flash of an eye. With this VPN for Mac, you can prevent your internet service provider from tracing back your location. As a result, you will get access to any online content and preserve your anonymity.

How does this VPN app operate? Every time a user connects to a selected provider, this user will be linked to one of its safe international servers. This implies the user’s location will match the one of a selected server.

Utilize Tor Browser

Another response to the “how to change location on Mac” question is using Tor Browser. It works on the basis of so-called onion routing. Tor browser routes the traffic through a minimum of three servers. During each step of the way, the user’s data will be encrypted.

Tor browser seems safer in comparison to a free Korea VPN  because of these additional layers of protection. Although extra layers of encryption are useful for bypassing online censorship, they can slow down connection speeds. That’s why a VPN download will still be a better decision if you want to spoof your location to get access to websites.

Proxy Server as a Great Option

The idea to change location can be realized by utilizing a proxy server. Similar to a virtual private network, the proxy server can effectively mask your real IP location and trick your internet service provider. It will seem that you are in an entirely another place.

Still, it is worth mentioning that proxy servers can not encrypt users’ data. This means your personal information can be at risk. If you value your online privacy, you can familiarize yourself with reviews VeePN and make sure this application will keep your data well protected. Proxies, in their turn, will be a good option for streaming.

Change Your Network Location

Aside from masking IP addresses, Mac users can likewise manage network locations, prevent services from utilizing a certain location, and change, remove and rename them. This can be helpful when a user desires to utilize specific applications such as maps or weather forecasts from another region.

For this, you should find “Apple Menu” on your screen. Then, open “System Preferences” and tap “Network”. After that, find the “dropdown locations menu” and press “Edit Locations”. Choose “Add”, enter the name of your newly selected location, and tap “Done”. To save all changes, tap “Apply”.

Reset Your Router

Is your Mac device connected to your home router? Then, one of the methods to change a location and your IP address is to reset your router. This way is effective and does not require much time.

After you reset your router, it will start considering your device is new. As a result, a new IP address will be assigned to your device by a router. Moreover, along with changing the DNS settings of your router, resetting it can assist to avert router hacking on your network.

Change your IP Address Manually

As it was mentioned above, Mac users can change, remove, and rename network locations. Also, IP addresses can be likewise changed manually. For this, a VPN download will be essentially unnecessary.  First, to manually change your IP address on your Mac, you should find “System Preferences” and press “Network”. Then, there is a need to select your Network in the left column. After that, you should press “Advanced”. Next, find the “TCP/ IP” tab and choose “Manually” under “Configure IPv4”. Type your new IP address and press “OK”. Finally, click “Apply” and your IP address will be changed and saved.

Update your IP Address

Another way how to change location on Mac is to update the IP address automatically. For this, you should press “System Preferences” and select “Network”. Then, find your necessary Network in the left column and press “Advanced”. Find the “TCP/ IP” tab and click on it. Finally, press “Renew DHCP lease”.


The idea to change location can be good not only for unblocking necessary online content. By changing IP addresses users can get better privacy and as a result stronger data security.

Thus, if you value your confidentiality and want to get access to your favorite streaming platforms and online shops, changing your IP address on your device will be the best decision. For this, you can make use of the above-discussed simple and effective methods of altering IP addresses on Mac.


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