7 Fallacies MLB Bettors Need to Avoid

Bad habits die hard and betting habits for MLB Bettors, in particular, obscure your thinking process. Keeping your betting mistakes into consideration can save you a lot of money. All your MLB bets need to be based on specific basic betting rules and trends.

Let’s discuss some mistakes that you need to avoid when betting on MLB picks and parlays so you can earn better profits as a MLB Bettors.

Certain baseball habits make it impossible for you to win reliably. They might work in your favor but shouldn’t be considered a handicapping tool, and getting stuck with too many favorites is a bad habit. Moreover, betting on MLB picks and parlays at -160 or -170 will reduce your finances in the long run.

By eliminating these habits, you can save a lot of money. Losing baseball teams can win you around 40% of their games in a long season, while top-performing teams can win you about 60%. 

Making money by betting on favorites can happen in the short run when teams win around 5 to 6 games in a row. There are some online websites that will help you successfully bet on MLB picks and parlays for free.

The worst teams in the league can win 3 to 4 games in a row, but one major error you can make is playing the “due factor.” This is a tendency to bet against the winning streak. Always remember, continuing with the winning streak is the best way to guarantee profits.

Following Common Betting Trends

Underperforming teams can go about two weeks winning every 10 of 12 games before they level off to stay below 500 winning percentage. Remember to follow this trend for your MLB picks and parlays. Betting trends in the MLB are more frequent due to the long season.

When a top team loses three matches in a row, don’t assume they will win the next game. Betting on your favorite team is a costly mistake as pitching too often can fluctuate wins and losses.

There’s one exception, however. The initial favorite pitcher usually goes up to 6 innings, so you’ll need to factor in the bullpen. The best pitching can dominate but may still lose a 2 to 1 game.

  • Selective MLB Picks And Parlays

Parlay betting combines two or more bets. Two, three, or four-team parlay can be a combination of run lines, money lines, totals, and spread lines. A decent payoff if you are winning every pick. 

However, one wrong wager can lose you the parlay. This is why it’s recommended to hit a parlay at 6 to 1 for three teams in a prevalent bet. Betting on baseball parlays is more versatile as they offer more options because there’s no time clock or point spread.

A basic two-team parlay can take place in a single game. Generally, betting on the money line based on total runs in the same game is a good betting parlay without picking another game. Betting on favorite teams with underruns is a good option when scheduling team matchups and pitching seems promising. 

However, getting good value with an underdog with +160 or +140 over a total at -115 or -110 can be a nice payoff. What’s more, a $20 MLB pick and parlay with odds of +140 and -110 can pay you a net of $71. Using an anchor team with other teams gives you an edge with a multi-parlay.

MLB Bettors

  • The Run Line

The run line occurs around 70% of all games during a baseball season. Baseball teams will play about 50 one-run games. Another good strategy is hedging parlays for controlling your perceived losses or locking profits without any detriment.

The best tip for winning any sports game bet is discipline and patience. A majority of bettors make a significant mistake betting on too many games. Getting greedy after a winning streak and betting more money can be bad for your finances.

Instead, wait for your selected spot. Baseball offers you a good view of a team’s performance in 3 to 4 games. If you can afford to wait for the opening game results in a series, you wouldn’t have to bet on the entire series. Avoid chasing team trends, streaks and never chase your losses.

MLB Bettors

  • Uncalculated Actions

A two-piece betting parlay payout is based on MLB playoff odds on the first half of the parlay. Any winnings will be parlayed onto the second half of the parlay bet. Let’s suppose you’ve bet on an underdog at +130 for $100 parlay can become $230 if you win.

Later, you’ve selected a second heavy favorite at -200, and it wins; your payout is $230 distributed by 2 to 1, which equates to $115. With $230,this makes $345 total. This is a risk-reward structure but different from other bets. It’s used in everyday betting angles by MLB bettors wanting to score big. This is most commonly used in NFL games where the general public over parlays on specific teams.

But the payouts are generally close to a smaller calculation, and with baseball, you are getting better payouts when a +140 or +160 underdog wins. The money can then be parlayed for another favorite underdog team.

  • Interpreting Betting Patterns Wrong

Another major mistake most bettors make is neglecting the inter-league play and home/away series that all teams are going through. Searching back to the previous results from the last matchups will help you bet on the teams when they again play against each other.

Home and away series of 3 or 4 games are unique to baseball and expose specific play patterns. Beware of what has happened in past matchups because these patterns can be fundamental handicapping tools to utilize.

  • Past Trends

Never follow the past reputation of a team. When placing a bet as MLB Bettors, you must eliminate last year’s performance and focus on a team’s current performance. If you have a favorite who’s struggling with the first few starts, pass the next start.

Another mistake that gets costly is the public attraction for a high-scoring team with a strong lineup. A majority of the public bettors think that scoring runs from the starting hitters will get them wins. People like to bet on runs.

But you need to be smart and look for cost in your bet. Good pitching is always better than good hitting, and even the best teams get beaten through effective defense and pitching.

MLB Bettors

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