6 Most Beautiful Beaches in New York City that you should visit

New York City

Being one of the most visited cities in the world, New York is entertaining tourists throughout the world on a daily basis. Its numerous attractions like Broadway, fifth Avenue, exquisite museums, and Manhattan are some of the most visited places in the City. Apart from that, New York offers you a wide category of natural beauty also which can be seen through its vast and beautiful beaches. If you’re looking for an escape from the busy city life, these beaches are a perfect getaway to chill and enjoy nature at its best. Keep in mind that carrying a lot of baggage to this bag beaches will only ruin your adventure so it is advised to store the extra baggage at numerous short term luggage storage Manhattan

  1. Coney Island, Brooklyn

this is the perfect place for friends and family to gather and socialize. You can enjoy a brisk walk on the beach or can sit back to spend quality time together with your family. People visit this beach for decades to enjoy riding on old Ferris wheel as well as the other roller coaster rides. 

  1. Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn

if you are looking for something quite, you can visit the Manhattan beach which is less crowded than any other beach in New York. You can enjoy this sunbath here and go for a swim because the water is calm in this vicinity. 

It is also a great place for having a picnic and outdoor barbecue on weekends. 

  1. Brighton Beach, Brooklyn

Google fined a relaxed atmosphere at Brighton Beach and a series of quiet cafes that serve mouth-watering food and drinks. It is a paradise for food lovers and you can easily spend hours here without even noticing the time. 

  1. Midland Beach, Staten Island

This Staten Island beach is not easily accessible, which makes it a perfect destination for many beachgoers. You can see people playing handball and shuffleboard followed by people who love to cycle and jog on its wide boardwalk.  You can access this beach with the help of a car or local transport only. 

  1. Long Beach, Nassau County

The boardwalk and surface waves are two major attractions of this beach. You need to take a pass in order to visit this beach but the beach other days provides an offer sometimes which includes access as well as the transportation cost. 

  1. Sandy Hook, Gateway National Recreation Area, Jersey

Even do this is ignored by many visitors, it is a great place to enjoy activities like fishing and walking on natural trails. You will find a lot of activities to do here apart from just sunbathing. The lighthouse situated on this beach is over 250 years old which makes it a great tourist attraction.These were some of the best beaches that the city of New York has to offer and you will have a heck of time visiting these beautiful places. It is advised to carry minimum luggage with you if you want to explore the true beauty of these beaches because walking with a trolley bag on send does not fit the description of relaxation perfectly. There are a lot of locker rentals in NYC where you can dump your extra baggage and travel to the city. If you are having a hard time finding these local storages, you can easily sign up on the Vertoe application and find the nearest storage counter near you.

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