5 Types of Chocolate Every Woman Loves

Men usually say that women are very hard to impress. They say that no matter how much they try, they can’t make the special women in their lives happy! Be it their mothers, daughters, wives, friends or anyone else; men usually have a lot of trouble choosing a gift for them. Well there’s one thing you can never go wrong with – Chocolates!

The love women have for chocolates is kind of universally acknowledged. Recent studies have also shown that chocolate, especially dark chocolate is also good for your health. But there are so many types of chocolates available to choose from. How would you know which ones are the perfect? Let me help you. Here is a list of some chocolates that are most loved by women all over the world.

  1. Hazelnut Chocolate Bars

Imagine some selected Italian hazelnuts wrapped in a beautiful layer of molten rich dark chocolate! That is a combination no woman can ever say no to.

The world was blessed with Hazel nuts some 9,000 years back while we started making chocolates in 1750 BCE. However, it wasn’t until the 1800s that we found that combining these two would make an out of the world combination.

The people in Turin, Italy came up with the concept of gianduja, a paste made of hazel nut and chocolates. Soon after that, chocolate bars filled with hazel nuts hit the markets and have been ardently loved by women around the world ever since.

  1. Marshmallow chocolate

If you think that Marshmallow chocolates are way too basic, you need to learn a lot about the chocolate love of women.

The chocolate dipped marshmallow or the marshmallow pop is the childhood love of almost every girl. That is why, they always remain close to the heart of women, no matter how old they are! Though they might seem pretty simple, the heaven-made pair of chocolates and marshmallow can make any woman smile.

These simple treats also come in a lot of different types. You can find some made out of dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate and what not!

  1. Belgian Pralines

Belgian chocolates hold a special place in the heart of every single chocolate lover in the world. If you want to treat a special woman in your life with a rich choice of chocolates, get her the Belgian Pralines aka, the chocolate bonbons.

While all the chocolates made in Belgium are amazing enough, the Pralines are the high-end and the extra special ones. Pralines or the bonbons basically consist of a hard shell made up of chocolates. The inside is usually filled with a soft filling of cream-based ganache or nuts. Pralines can be found in a variety of types with different shell types and fillings.

  1. Cremino

Creminos! The triple layered pieces of bliss! Creminos are another chocolate type derived from the famous Italian gianduja. And just like all other gianduja derivatives, Creminos are also very special for women.

Creminos also originated in Turin, Italy. The Italian chocolatiers started making them around the mid-19th century.

Basically, the outer two layers are made of gianduja itself, sometimes with slight variations. The middle layer is a chocolate paste that is mixed with coffee or hazelnut or anything else that the artisans prefer. They are amongst the most luxurious Italian chocolates having an extremely rich and smooth texture.

The feeling of a Cremino melting in your mouth is an indescribable one. A feeling that can only be experienced!

  1. Swiss Truffle

The Swiss Truffle or the Truffes du Jour is the exquisite Swiss version of the regular chocolate truffles. Truffles in any and every form are dear to the heart of every woman. But if you add the Swiss touch to it, it just wins them over!

These are made using the Swiss bittersweet chocolate made into a ganache. They can be made with a flavouring of Kirsch or Rum, or they can be made without alcohol. The Swiss chocolate artisans use various flavourings and toppings to give the truffle their own unique touch.

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