5 Solar Innovations That Have Changed the Energy Industry

One of the trending modern technologies in the world is solar energy innovations.

This is because it’s environmentally friendly and produces clean, non-polluting electrical energy. In an attempt to overcome global pollution, innovators have come up with appropriate measures to harness the sun’s energy. There’s more than enough solar energy that hits the earth’s surface every hour of the day to power the entire planet.

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If appropriate techniques are applied in harvesting this energy to maximum limits, then it’s enough to power civilization. Thanks to our innovators, there are numerous solar energy innovations that have been developed to make work easier.

Solar power has changed the world and the energy industries for the better. Here are five solar innovations that have made a significant impact.

1. A Switching Solar Window

Scientists have come up with a new window technology powered by the solar energy that can transform from clear to tint in the sun. As if that’s not enough, it can also produce electrical energy at the same time. Perovskites and single-walled carbon nanotubes are some of the common materials used in making these wonderful windows.

This window is exposed to sunlight where it absorbs light and allows it to pass through it. It has low-performance cycling between tinted and non-tinted states something that scientists are working to fix.

2. A Solar Storage Twist

Australian researchers have invented a way to capture and store energy using gold. They were able to convert solar energy to methane and methanol through the help of metallic gold particles. It’s still difficult to produce energy on the scale but appropriate measures have been taken to overcome this effect.

What exactly makes their idea unique is the application of Nano-clusters believed to be more efficient than other technologies. They also believe it could be helpful in bringing large scale production.

3. Micro Inverters

The price of an inverter to handle the power produced on the rooftop was very high and inefficient. These inverters can convert the DC power produced from solar panels and easily to AC power.

It’s now possible to have a single inverter to generate enough power for your station.

4. Tesla Tiles

These are newly invented solar tiles that look as good as the normal tiles. The better part is that these tiles cost even less in price compared to these other tiles. It’s ironic how an incredible solar innovation can be less costly despite the fact that it serves two purposes while others have one.

They can provide electricity and still be used as roofing tiles. Ask yourself this, why should get anything else?

5. Concentrating Solar Power

This’s one of the solar innovations which have brought a number of big plants to a commercial service. This is because they have the ability to capture the sun’s rays and reflect them to a central stationed power.

This technique is effective because of the help of heliostats that contain two mirrors and a motor to keep the suns track. There are many solar companies today, but if you need quality services, then read more of articles on solar panels.

The Need for Solar Innovations

Deadly conditions have arisen as a result of global emissions from electrical sources. Using solar innovations is beneficial to our environment and general health.

This is because they are cheaper and they reduce global warming. If you need any help in the installation of solar panels on your roof then be sure to contact us.

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