5 Reasons to contact a reputed migration consultancy while applying for Portugal Golden Visa


12.4% of people living in Portugal from the age of 16 to 74 have an immigrant background. This shows Portugal is a popular destination for international migrants, thanks to its welcoming culture and wealth of opportunity. However, if you’re thinking of moving to this beautiful country, there are a few things you need to know before making the jump, such as investment options, visa renewal period, citizenship vs. residence permit, etc.

Once you get all the information and are ready to apply for the visa, you have two options: Apply yourself or contact a reputed migration consultancy. Some people take matters into their hands and go through the manual route; however, hiring a migration consultancy could be a lifesaver as they will make the entire process seamless.

Reputed immigration consultants not only help you with your application but also help you make investment decisions and provide you with a lot of valuable knowledge you might not know earlier.

With that being said, below are the five reasons to contact a reputed migration consultancy while applying for Portugal Golden Visa:

It is time and cost-efficient.

Working with a consultant is time and cost-efficient. They know what they are doing exactly and have done it before. On the other hand, for example, applying to the wrong visa category will delay the application for months. Minor mistakes from your side will cost you valuable time and carry financial costs. And sometimes, you may even need to start the whole process from scratch.

Communication between you and government officials

Feeling anxious about approaching a government official? You know how frustrating it is to receive a call from the visa office and seek professional help after attempting the process on your own. Getting in touch with someone who can and takes the time to give you detailed answers is a challenge.

A migration consultancy can save you from this situation and ease communication between you and the relevant government officials.

Assistance in different scenarios

Let’s clarify; you don’t know upfront what immigration policies apply to you and what not. It depends on your occupation, marital status, and such things. If you’re divorced, married, have a child, or recently changed your profession, you’ll need help assessing how these changes could affect your application.

Because a migration consultancy regularly works with so many different migrants with different scenarios, they possess the accurate information to assist you.

Dealing with unforeseen situations

There are a few situations where you may encounter roadblocks in your application for Portugal Golden Visa. For example, there might be a problem with documents, payment methods, investment options, or similar processes. Naturally, you’ll require someone to solve these problems for you. However, an experienced migration consultancy resolves and prevents these issues from arising in the first place.

If you are experiencing difficulties, like:

  • You have been refused entry to Portugal or any other European country
  • Your residency status is unclear or in question
  • You don’t meet the financial requirement of the visa
  • Your prior visa applications have been denied

If you want to speak to someone who can guide you, it’s always best to reach out to a reputable migration consultancy. They will be able to provide advice on how to address any potential roadblocks and help you move forward with your visa application.

Overseeing your application

You should hire a professional to evaluate your case. If they find your case to be a successful application, they’ll oversee your application.

Above all, hiring a migration consultancy brings you peace of mind and ensures that your application is accurate.

They know who to contact and how to reach them and represent you during the entire application procedure. In addition, they will make arrangements if your situation changes and assist you at every stage while upholding your confidential information.


Above are only a few reasons to work with a migration consultancy, but there are many more. If you are considering applying for a Portugal Golden Visa, contacting a reputable migration consultancy could be very helpful. 

Golden Visa is not easy to obtain, and you will need the help of an experienced professional if you want to be successful. Consulting with a reputable company ensures that all your paperwork will be done correctly and that you will have all the information necessary to submit an application successfully.



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