5 Best Things That Sweden Is Most Famous For

Sweden is one of the loveliest countries of Europe, a backpacker’s heaven situated in Nordic region of Scandinavia. Very close to the Arctic Circle, the country is popular for its impossible landscapes, culture and architecture. There are many Sweden travel packages which offer an exclusive, all-revealing tour of the country. However, we feel you should definitely know about the following five things which are plain Swedish. Read on.

1. Culture in Stockholm

The capital city of Stockholm is a titan of European heritage. The district of Sodermalm has been named as one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the world to hang out in, filled with the trendiest cafes, restaurants as well as galleries. The area also houses the Fotografiska, the Swedish Museum of Photography, that is worth a visit. South of the area of Folkungagatan, head to SoFo for the best shopping experience.

2. The Royal Culture of Sweden

The royal family of Sweden, much like the one in England, is the source of much intrigue for the tourists. The country had its own moment in the sun when Crown Princess Victoria married Daniel Westing, a commoner, back in 2010. The House of Bernadotte, in power since 1818, are the constitutional figureheads of the country. The Royal Palace and their official residence is situated in the Old Town or Gamla Stan of Stockholm, while the palaces at Drottningholm and Haga are also places of supreme architecture and heritage.

3. Seasonal extremes

One of the most noticeable things about the country of Sweden is its extreme latitude, and this is most obviously reflected in the extremes of seasonal light the place gets. During summers, you will find the midnight sun, a phenomenon where the Sun never goes completely under the horizon. On the other end of the extreme, winters bring the long nights when the Sun barely manages to stay in the sky.

4. The Laplands

No trip to Sweden is complete without visiting the Laplands, the northern-most regions of Sweden that sit right on the Arctic Circle. While there are plenty of Arctic things to do here – the Santa Claus village, ski resorts and so on – the most stunning thing you will see here are the Northern Lights, a space phenomenon by which the skies light up with veins of green and purple. The further north you go, the more amazing the views of the skies and the surrounding mountains are.

5. Canals of Gothenburg

Situated off the Gota alv river, the city of Gothenburg is most well known for the Dutch style canals that line the seaport here. These canals are accessible to tourists by the Paddan boats that also pass around the fish market. The city has gained quite a reputation with tourists, and the main street of Avenyn is lined with hip cafes and vintage shops where most of the tourists turn up.

The country of Sweden is quite a treat to visit for anyone who is even remotely interested in culture and nature. With its lovely people and interesting weather, it is a must-visit for everyone, so don’t wait around and plan your trip to Sweden today!

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