3 Tips to Updating Your Bathroom

Making your bathroom look better with affordable and easy makeover ideas can help turn your bathroom from a boring to an interesting interior space. Bathroom is one of the ever-functional rooms in your home. However, it doesn’t have to be boring.

Below are some 3 easy Do-It-Yourself tips you could use to change your bathroom starting from the walls to the floor. The tips are easy to follow and the projects can even be completed in a day.

Top 3 Ideas for Revamping Your Bathroom

1. Choose the Right Paint and Get the Walls Decked

A change in the color scheme of a room also changes the mood. Bathroom colors should be chosen with care. This is because the choice of color can easily overwhelm you bathroom. For a calming and spa-like quality of a bathroom, choose pale grey, green or blue color for your bathroom walls.

Besides your bathroom having functionality, it can also have personality of its own. You can also choose to hang some print-out of art work on your bathroom wall. This will help personalize the bathroom’s space. You can also decorate the walls with market finds for a vintage look.

Decorate using colorful tiles and wallpaper with a water-resistant design. All artwork hangings on your bathroom should have some covering to protect them from moisture effect.

2. Update with a Mirror and Dress Your Door

Use plain mirror panels purchased from a local or online store to decorate your bathroom. You can dress them up or even paint the frame to match your bathroom cabinets. This will bring out a cohesive look in a unique shape. Another idea is to purchase the best led bathroom mirrors in your local stores to stand-out in your bathing room.

Another good idea is to hang up an assortment of mirrors in varied sizes on the bathroom wall. It’s an exceptional way to bring up a casual and funky vibe into your bathroom. Cover up the boring cabinet doors with self-adhesive papers to give them life.

Alternatively, cut out beautiful chevron or circular patterns out of the paper to reveal the base color to peek through or just cover the entire surface of the door. There are hundreds of pretty paper options on the market that can suite your design style. Pick a color that would go well with your existing color theme.

3. Be Creative with Cardboard and Add Furniture Feet

Large cardboard tubes and PVC pipes could be cut and mounted on the bathroom wall in clusters. This would bring out a storage look that is stylish in nature. You can also use them for storage of your toilet papers, lotions and even towels that have been rolled up.

The little details you add to your bathroom is what can give it a polished look. Adding furniture feet to the corners of your room is a sure way to make your bathroom vanity stand out.

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