3 Best Organic Raw Shea Butter

3 Best Organic Raw Shea Butter

It’s not always easy to keep our skin soft and dewy. There are so many pollutants and free radicals that enter our bodies and affect our integumentary functions. It’s a good thing nature has given us a lot of things that we can use to combat skin dryness. Try a top organic raw shea butter.

Why Raw Shea Butter?

Using Noosa organic market shea butter has plenty of positive effects on the skin. For one thing, raw shea butter has excellent emollient properties. Regular moisturizers don’t always penetrate deeply into the skin. This is why so many moisturizers don’t work in actually moisturizing the skin.

However, raw shea butter, it penetrates deeper into the skin, allowing for a more effective moisturization. It also seals the moisture, which prevents your skin from drying out during the day.

Countless studies prove the benefits of shea butter when it comes to starving off the aging process. It stimulates the production of collagen, which is responsible for keeping the skin elastic and firm.

Organic vs. Wild Shea Butter – Which is Better?

When in the market for raw shea butter, you will come across different types. You can find organic or wild shea butter.

Organic shea butter makes use of organically-grown Shea. They cultivated the Shea without the use of pesticides and chemicals.

Wild shea butter, on the other hand, uses ingredients taken from wild Shea trees. These aren’t cultivated like the organic ones but are foraged in forests.

Both are good for the skin and don’t contain harmful chemicals. Wild Shea butter contains more nutrients and therapeutic benefits. They were grown in an uncontrolled environment. However, if you’re buying the wild ones, make sure they’re ethically and responsibly harvested.

Best Organic Raw Shea Butter – Top Picks

There are a lot of good organic raw shea butter out there but if you’re looking for the best, these options will not disappoint you:

Value for Your Money: Better Shea Butter Unrefined Shea Butter

This is a great choice if you like more flexibility with your raw shea butter. Try whipping it up with other oils like almond or coconut oil and use it as a body butter to keep your skin soft and smooth.

You can also add it to your hand and feet moisturizer. We all know how our hands and feet can get rough and scaly because they get so much work during the day. A little treatment will go a long way in keeping the scaliness at bay.

It’s ethically harvested from small farms in West Africa. They are made by Ghana women and go through a stringent filtration process to keep the impurities out.

Additionally, this comes in a simple resealable pouch. There’s nothing too fancy about the packaging, which is great because it keeps the costs low.

One brick of it can last you for ages. Just a small spoonful of it already works wonders in giving your skincare treatments that extra-emollient properties.

It’s very soft and easy to blend in with other ingredients. Just make sure you store it properly. However, you need to keep it away from direct sunlight and humid places because it can get rancid.

Sustainable Choice: Mary Tylor Naturals Organic Shea Butter

Mary Tylor Naturals’ raw shea butter is just as good with its array of vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants. You’ll have soft and smooth skin all the time if you include this in your skincare recipes. Like the previous product, this one’s also devoid of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

It doesn’t have a cloying or chemical scent like some shea butter out there, which is great for people who are sensitive to strong scents. Just a little bit of this butter is enough to make a variety of products like lip balms, skin creams, lotions, and soaps.

What makes this product stand out from the rest is its commitment to sustainability. Aside from sourcing their products ethically, they’ve also thought out the design of their packaging. It has a Compact by Design feature that makes it smaller than other standard packages, thereby reducing its carbon footprint.

Budget-Friendly: Sky Organics Organic Shea Butter

This is the cheapest option but contains half the amount of the previous products. If you don’t need a lot or you’re just testing out your recipes first, this can be a good option for you.

It comes in a tightly-sealed tub. You can just scoop out the product with a hygienic spoon and then put the lid back on. It’s very convenient to carry and you don’t have to worry that you will spill it. Since shea butter can melt under intense heat, the tub prevents the melted oils from spilling.

This product offers all the benefits of raw shea butter. They source their ingredients from a farm in Ghana, so you can be assured that all the ingredients they use are vegan and are ethically harvested.

It doesn’t have a strong scent to it although you can still detect the nutty scent that is a trademark of shea butter. The creaminess of its consistency makes it easier to spread and incorporate in other ingredients. It’s very easy to whip up or mix with other oils.

You can try it right out of the tub. Scoop out a little bit of it and apply it on your skin. It doesn’t have that greasy feeling that you sometimes get with other emollient products.

Give these organic raw shea butter a try. Feed your skin with only the best products devoid of cruelty, chemicals, and preservatives so you can truly maintain healthy and beautiful skin.


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