Psychological Facts About Cheating Woman

Cheating is often associated with men because stereotypically, across cultures, men have exuded the same. But it does not mean women don’t cheat. In both cases, it is essential to consider their perspective while doing such an activity. So, today we delve into the psychological facts about cheating woman to decode a little bit of what goes into their brains.

There’s more to unchastity than what meets the eye. People assume that anybody who cheats in a relationship is selfish and irredeemable. This kind of generalization fails to save the relationship.

Nobody cares to understand what goes on in the mind of a person who has been unfaithful. But the human mind is complex as it is beautiful, more so when you are female. It functions in interesting ways.

While nothing justifies betraying a partner, there can be many reasons behind infidelity. But, surprisingly the psychological facts about cheating woman have striking differences from the psychology of cheating men.

Psychological facts about cheating woman

People find it hard to believe when someone cheats on them. They feel betrayed and humiliated. So, most people can’t forgive their partner.

They cannot understand why someone would cheat despite being treated with respect and love. Knowing the psychological facts about cheating woman will help you see the matter in a whole new light.

The goal is not to glorify or defend cheating, but to arrive at the root of the problem.

First, here are three basic things you should remember:

Fact 1

When a man cheats even if he has a beautiful and affectionate wife, the motivation is mostly sexual. He can cheat if he is swooned over by the femininity of another woman and it does not mean he doesn’t appreciate his wife. A woman, on the other hand, seeks solace in the arms of another man if she is dissatisfied with her relationship.

Fact 2

Both men and women can get involved with a third person if the primary relationship doesn’t satisfy their carnal or emotional needs.

Fact 3

Couples who don’t have much in common are more vulnerable to adultery than couples who match on critical traits like education, attractiveness, interests, income, family values, etc.

Psychological Facts About Cheating Woman

Now read through these psychological facts about cheating woman:

She feels unloved or unwanted

Every woman wishes to be seen not just as a wife but as a beloved. You are grateful to your wife for giving you adorable kids, but that’s not enough. She must feel desired.

Romantic moments are necessary to keep the spark alive in any relationship. A woman must feel beautiful in the eyes of her partner.

If you fail to provide that intimacy to her, the relationship will suffer. She can develop a soft corner for someone who notices her, compliments her, and makes her feel special.

She uses addiction to deal with grief

Not all women/men resort to drinking when they are going through a rough patch. But some people find it challenging to regulate their emotions.

When a person indulges in drinking, infidelity is more likely. That’s because alcohol shrouds a person’s judgment and makes it easy to lose self-control.

What do psychological facts about cheating woman reveal about this kind of behavior?

When an inebriated woman is sitting next to a man who is as impaired/willing as she is, she might commit a mistake she’ll regret later.

In such situations, most people wake up with guilt and have no memory of the previous night.

She suffers from loneliness

Staying with someone under the same roof doesn’t mean a person can’t be lonely. Every human craves deep connections in life.

Women are more emotional than men, and they observe little things. So, if you don’t shower her with attention, initially she’ll complain. If you still don’t make attempts to deepen the connection with her, she will want it desperately.

It won’t be too difficult for another person to woo her if he spends time with her. Once they have emotional intimacy, it can transition to something physical. It is one of the psychological facts about cheating.

She wants some excitement

Once the honeymoon phase is over, the passion cools down in most relationships. People stop making efforts to make their other half feel special. So, the relationship does not remain exciting. It becomes boring and stagnant.

If a woman is a fierce and passionate lover, she won’t be satisfied in a mundane relationship. Sooner or later, she will seek excitement as it’s the only thing that makes her feel alive. Hence, if your woman has that kind of personality, doing new fun things together is a must.

She has low self-esteem

Women go through several hormonal changes. Post-partum depression is something most women experience.

During this phase, they develop an inferiority complex resulting from loss of hair, dark circles, stretch marks, and weight gain.

She may feel you don’t find her alluring any more, even if you don’t feel that way. So, if she is having self-doubts, you must hold her hand strongly and keep telling her that she’s gorgeous. You have to show empathy and assure her that things will face into place soon.

Psychological Facts About Cheating Woman

She wants to dominate the current relationship

Who is the dominating half of your relationship? If your wife has a demanding nature, she will be exasperated if she gets insufficient attention.

If you don’t meet her physical and emotional needs the way she wants, how long will she live in dissatisfaction?

In simpler words, she will find a way to gratify herself. If you don’t want to shower her with your love, another guy just might.

You two lack sexual chemistry

Do you get aroused by your wife’s presence? Does your smell intoxicate her? Do you both experience a spark or magnetic pull toward each other?

Sexual chemistry is that ineffable feeling that makes it impossible for you to keep your hands off another person. It is a significant part of an amorous relationship.

Now you two may be kind, compassionate, and loving human beings. But that does not guarantee there will be sexual chemistry.

Your woman might not miss it or think the relationship is incomplete at first. But if she gets turned on by the presence of another man, how long will she be able to tame herself?

Each time she sees him, she will go weak in her knees. Her brain will produce dopamine and oxytocin, and she might feel tempted to taste the forbidden fruit once.

She has committed adultery before

If someone has cheated once, what do the psychological facts about cheating woman say about this kind of person?

Does it mean she will feel tempted to cheat again? Does your girl have a history of cheating? Has she been unfaithful to her previous lovers? If the answer’s yes, then it might be a pattern.

She may not do it as long as things are perfect. But the moment she feels the relationship isn’t working out – her past habit might return.

Again, past infidelity does not guarantee an encore. Instead of brooding over the fact that she has cheated on other people, discuss why she followed this path.

But remember that serial cheaters, they don’t need a reason to cheat.

She is passionate

Was there a time when you used to do cute things for your partner and she gave surprises to you? But has romance taken a backseat ever since you’ve had kids?

While most people settle for a comfortable relationship, some can’t. For them, a fulfilling relationship requires more than raising kids, paying bills, and doing chores together.

There may be mutual respect and understanding, but what about passion? Then can you blame her entirely for assuming you aren’t interested in her anymore?

Meeting someone desperate to have her will end up scratching that itch.

She wants revenge

A revengeful woman can go to any extent. Wondering why must she be revengeful since you haven’t cheated on her?

What you need to realize is that sleeping with another person is not the only crime one can commit against their partner.

You have to nourish a relationship for it to bloom. You disappoint her every time you demean her, don’t help her in running the house, or expect her to do all the household chores.

If she is upset with you, she might cheat just to teach you a lesson.

She is fond of breaking taboos and rules

Here’s one of the most interesting psychological facts about cheating man or woman.

It’s possible that you are with someone who is not a fan of monogamy. A polygamous person cannot commit to one sexual partner for a long time.

To them, having coitus is one of the most primal instincts. So, she cannot believe being involved with just one person.

She enjoys being intimate with different people. If you call out such a woman, she will not feel any kind of remorse.

What are the signs that a woman might be committing adultery?

Different women behave differently when they are having an affair. If someone doesn’t want to cause any damage to the current relationship, she can be extremely careful and cautious.

So, there can be no sign at all. However, here are some common red flags that indicate she might be seeing someone new.

She is inseparable from her phone

Does your wife spend hours on social media? She may be chatting with someone. Nobody can keep scrolling forever.

So, if people are hooked on their phones, they must be engaged in a conversation with somebody. If they are constantly chatting with someone, it indicates growing closeness.

She spends more time at work

Has your wife been returning home unusually late from work? Does she love to spend more time at her workplace than at home? Has she suddenly started going on work trips?

These things are normal for career-oriented people. But if someone does these all of a sudden, it indicates something might be fishy.

She suddenly cares too much about her appearance

Has your wife joined the gym and is too concerned about getting back into shape? When someone is trying to impress a new person, they put extra effort into their looks.

Note that none of the reasons mentioned above sufficiently prove that a woman is cheating on her long-term partner. Hence, you will need more solid proof and it’ll be preposterous to take serious decisions based on mere suspicion.

As you have lived with this person, you know her the best. You should be able to notice if something suddenly changes in your relationship. So, follow your intuition and convince her to sit down for a heart-to-heart conversation.

What implications does cheating have on the mental health of a woman?

How a person feels after committing adultery depends on personal values. If she considers it a serious violation of her values, she might be ruined.

She may remain depressed for days. She might not be able to make eye contact while speaking.

Again, she may spend more time praying or spoil you with expensive gifts. She might end up confessing her sins.

Final thoughts

Now that you have looked through the psychological facts about cheating woman, what are your thoughts?

Do these explanations change the way you perceive your partner and your equation with her?

Note that all relationships don’t end as an outcome of cheating. If you are willing to forgive and your partner is remorseful, you too can emerge stronger than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can you love your wife after cheating?

As per relationship experts, many couples move on and build a happy relationship even after someone has committed adultery. However, both must be willing to work unitedly to regain trust and solve problems together.

2. How does a woman act when she is cheating?

A person who is cheating may act in various ways. She can be distracted or disinterested in getting intimate with you. Her phone might remain busy and she will put more effort to dress up and look charming for her new paramour.

3. Do cheaters still love their spouse?

Unfaithfulness does not mean there is no love left. A woman can cheat for a variety of reasons, even when she hasn’t fallen out of love.

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