8 Ways to Maximize Your Best Deer Hunting Rifle Accuracy

In a hunting game, rifle accuracy is crucial.

The tedious and creative tasks will all be in vain if you keep on missing to hit your target.

Normally, shooting accuracy is dependent on the person behind the rifle, and partly, the rifles’ capability.

That said, Native Compass shares with us the top 8 tips to use to maximize your rifle accuracy.

1. Mount your Scope Properly

Do you know how to mount a scope?

No, do you know how to mount your rifle scope in the right way?

See, an improperly mounted scope is always a major cause of rifle inaccuracy.

You can watch this video to learn how to mount a scope, but it helps to start with quality bases and rings.

Then level the gun in a vise to ensure a red dot sight is established at your target.

2. Get a Stable Rest

Having a stable rest in a no-brainer asit let you test the rifle, as opposed to testing your ability to hold your gun steady.

If you shoot all too often, it’s fine to sight your gun from a stable bipod, though I would prefer using a heavy bench.

Either way, always ensure that you maintain stability while shooting for improved accuracy.

3. Shoot in Ideal Conditions

Environmental conditions also play a crucial role in determining the overall accuracy.

Ideally, if you’re starting, we recommend that you load test and sight in the early mornings and on calm days.

At this period, the temperature is at its low, and mirage is non-existent.

4. Maintain Consistent Shoulder Pressure

There’s not a “right” amount of shoulder pressure since every shooter finds a little bit different from every shoulder pressure of their body and gun.

That said, it’s always a challenge to maintain heavy pressure for back to back sots.

Ideally, for an accurate shot, you want a uniform shoulder pressure.

While some individuals prefer plenty of shoulder pressures, it’s always essential that you calibrate it and make it the same every time you make a shot.

5. Consistent Trigger Pull

Triggering is simply more than pulling.

Instead, it’s more of a trigger press.

Learning the art of trigger press involves moving the trigger straight to the rear without disturbing the sight picture. And to be honest, it takes practice to master this skill.

While at it, you should also learn how to take up all the slack first, and you’ll be left with breaking the trigger the exact moment you need to fire.

The idea behind the trigger press is to minimize the external influence on the riffle as much as possible.

6. Follow Through and Focus

Failing to follow through is the Achilles heel of many shooters.

Ideally, your shot shouldn’t “end” until after impact.

Professional shooters have mastered the art of visualizing every shot or rather bullet as impacts their target.

When aiming for a shot, always try to remain connected both physically and mentally to the trigger until breaking time.

It’s easier to achieve this by keeping your head down and married to the stock throughout the shot.

Alternatively, try role-playing to sharpen your shooting accuracy. Here, you’ll learn to pick an impact point as opposed to an impact area.

7. Using the Correct Ammo

Ammo selection is essential in determining the overall rifle accuracy.

If your rifle can accept several loads, test them and see what performs best in your gun.

When reloading, you also need to consider in your loading procedure as well.

Generally, the goal here is to make little clones from one shot to the other.

8. Practice

The importance of consistent practice cannot be overemphasized.

We recommend taking consistent practice sessions, and this is a sure-fire way of improving your accuracy.

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